Carrier & Company Real Estate - Homeless to Hope

We work all year to get people in homes - in February, we join with all our great clients, friends and family to help people who have no homes. Learn More
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All year, we work with wonderful people to get in great homes. We love our jobs and how we get to see the spark when someone finds the home they love! We love the excitement of people getting their homes, moving in, and becoming a part of their communities.

We are also keenly aware that people find themselves without a home, for many different reasons. 

So we work in February to help people get from homeless to hope, and we know the work of The Atlanta Mission helps people to do just that - get temporary shelter and food, get the counseling they need, and get their lives recentered, refocused and restarted.

Our goal is to sponsor 365 nights of shelter, that’s a $9,125.00.  Please join us and help people get from homeless to HOPE!

Denise Jordan Lane
Thanks for running and caring greatly about so many others. Here's two weeks' worth. May God bless its use and multiply it for goodness. Put one foot in front of the other...
Gary Welch $100.00
Jonathan Smith $20.00
Josh and Elizabeth Swafford $25.00
Rebecca Hurd $25.00
Shay and Tyler Ruthven
Good luck Carrier’s!
Jan Fitzgerald $25.00
Jean Rodriguez
I think this is such a Wonderful.project ---good luck in reaching your goals! Wish I cld help more...
Tracey Snepp $50.00
Len & Anne Greski
Thanks for doing this Jeff and Katherine!
Lance & Sandra Upshaw $50.00
Ada Talpas $50.00
Chris Arias
We love what you guys are up to and are excited to partner with you!
Darin and Debdeb
Love you guys!! I hope you make it Jeff!! Ha!!
Matthew & Donna Bowles $250.00
Eugene M Eisenberg
We'll live this experience, vicariously through your feet. Shalom
Access Management Group
You better run the whole way, Jeff!
Jay and Melanie Ross $50.00
Jeff and Katherine $1,000.00

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