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My name is Michael Smith. Since 2005 I have made autism advocacy a priority. In 2005-2006 I made autism insurance coverage a priority in New York State. In 2006 our Governor signed a bill that ended much of the autism insurance discrimination that was occurring. From 2007-2011 we worked tirelessly to expand insurance coverage for people with autism and to help families facing financial ruin. In 2011 our governor signed our bill that significantly expanded autism insurance coverage. In 2015-2018 we were successful in getting positive change from our education department to change diploma options for people with autism and other disabilities. We are currently working make autism epidemiology a priority in our legislature so our government can actually identify the number of people with autism. We are awaiting the governors signature on a bill that will create a foundation for better identification, research and services. We will be advocating for a autism center for excellence, similar to the MIND Institute in California. I am also in the middle of making a documentary that will focus on autism policy and feature many autism parent legislators across the country including parents currently running for governor and congress. With your help we can continue these efforts and help thousands of families through improved research, policy, education and services. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

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