Children's Health Defense New York Team 2019

Supporting civil rights, advocacy, research and outreach for health issues affecting the children of New York. Learn More
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Launched as a response to New York State repealing religious exemptions to immunizations and restricting medical exemptions, Children’s Health Defense New York will not quit until New York families can say ‘NO’ to vaccines for their kids and send them to any school in the state. New York joins Robert F. Kennedy’s Jr.’s umbrella organization in standing with families, children and the truth.

Since corrupt New York lawmakers voted away our right to say NO in June, 2019, CHD-NY has inspired thousands to show up, speak out and fight back. The team at CHD- Rita, John, Aimee and Melissa- has coordinated ACTIONS to educate and engage our community, grow our numbers and influence change- and will continue.

The more support we have, the more we can enlighten, educate, empower- and fight back. Your financial support pays for time & travel for the officers and others all over New York state, printed materials, marketing plans, venue rentals & projects, advocacy tools, equipment--all with the goal of creating a cohesive political influence.

How do we do this?

Educating others with truth, facts & REAL science- we need to GROW and we can encourage our community to be ‘soldiers of the message’- COME OUT!

Persuading lawmakers to hear us, understand the facts & be brave

Engaging and uniting religious communities around first amendment issues.

Encouraging medical professionals to unite and speak up

Support legal efforts with stories & data from our community

Media outreach where truth is the headline- good PR is key!

Coordinate data collection campaigns to prove our truth

The more people we can reach with our truth, the quicker we can truly change the world. All eyes are on New York as the ruthless drug industry tries to spread its lies and deceit around the world. Their greed is no match for the sincerity, love and wisdom of a parent. Help us deliver our message- person to person- and grow the movement!

Best, Rita M. Palma Dedicated to Informed Rights of Parents

Juliet Hahn $100.00
Thank you!
Thank you Rita !
Anna Carter
Thank you!!!!!
Deborah Strasser
I am with you in spirit. Keep up the fight.
Tat’yana $100.00
Thank you Rita!!!!
Thank you for all you are doing. Keep fighting for the rights of children and their protection from unvetted and unsafe vaccines.
Anonymous $50.00
Keep up this important work everyone... This affects not only our kids but the whole planet.
Zully Rodriguez
May God give you strength in all you do. Thank you, GodBless.
Sharen Medrano
Bless you for all your heart work!
Elyse $25.00
Deanna Rittenhouse $25.00
Karen and Walter Hinds
Thank you for all you do Rita!!!
Is anyone putting pressure on the democratic candidates to come out against mandatory forced vacs and against censorship of discussions? I know Bernie and Elizabeth are on board with 100% vacs no exemptions, not sure about the others. Who to vote for?
Shaun Park $20.00
Ana & Russ Sinder $50.00
Benjamin Craig
thank you Rita!
Lark Losardo $20.00
Thank you for all that you do to keep our children safe!
Christina Reizis
Thank you for all you do for us!
Thank you Rita! God's blessings to you. :) Debbie
Lucia Ferguson $25.00
Anavi maldonado
God bless you Rita and all who are in this fight
Jeannine Lanese $100.00
Pam Gibbons $50.00
Rita $1,000.00

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