Children's Health Defense, New York Chapter

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Hey Freedom Fighters!! The New York Chapter of Children's Health Defense will continue it's mission; to protects a family's rights to make their OWN medical decisions, with a specific emphasis on, 1.) Defeating a NYS mandatory covid19 vaccine, 2.) Introducing NY bills for informed consent regarding vaccines, vaccine safety and liability 3.) Engaging support for amending the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 from our federal reps and, 4.) Educating Americans with the truth about the pharmaceutical industry overall vaccines specifically. Please support us as we focus on matters that affect all our lives- 2020 changed the game for us. The awareness that covid brought is an unlikely gift- and we will make the most of every opportunity it has presented for us.

Anonymous $400.00
Robin Roppo
Kevin Revell $100.00
Anonymous $600.00
Anonymous $400.00
Anonymous $460.00
Anonymous $400.00
A Castellano $25.00
Anonymous $561.33
John Gilmore $100.00
Anonymous $400.00
John Gilmore $100.00
Rita Palma $100.00

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