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Hi Friends and Family!

My Kids, My Choice is joining forces with Autism Community Walk (ACW) to raise money for ACW, Long Island, 2016 and we need your SUPPORT!

Your donation helps us fight for your right to raise your family YOUR way. 

We are effective. Last year, we stopped a bill to take away our right to refuse vaccines. We fought against mandatory flu shots for NYC babies and toddlers in the courts and won. We visited dozens of lawmakers with our message and found common ground with the vast majority. They are listening. 

We will stop more bad bills and advance laws that promote informed consent. We have made exceptional progress; 2017 promises more. But the only way we can do is with support. That means money. 

Help us continue to bring your views and voices to Albany- clearly and often. 

Money and passion fuel the work of My Kids, My Choice. We will continue to show up and speak out. Everyone who cares needs to give. Every dime goes directly to the fight for parent's rights. This is truly an investment in family and freedom. 

We sincerely appreciate all levels of support.

Please donate now by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

Any major credit card works. It takes 30 seconds. 


Thank you for all your work!
Aunt Liz
Thanks for all you do. Love Liz
Joy Mangi
Jonathan Spier $300.00
Jaime Velez
Thank you for all of your efforts to help families feel more empowered!
Thank you for your work!
Raluca Gianakas
Thanks for all your hard work!
Rita..thank you for all that you do. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated!!
Anonymous $125.00
Hi rita, I will follow up with an email.
Janine Rom $70.00
Janine rom $30.00
Thank you for your work.
Victoria Usova $120.00
Dorota Fulton
Kaitlin McGreyes
Thank you for all of the hard work you do!
Jon and Jean Menges $100.00
Anonymous $250.00
Thanks, Rita!
Jay Rothstein
Keep up the good fight Rita. Anyway I can help let me know.

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