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Hey friends and family!

As you all know my older sister (Alyssa) has austim and it doesn't stop her from chasing her dreams. She has improved so much within the last couple of years. If you knew my sister about 5 years ago, you would know that she wouldn't want to talk or interact with anyone! All she wanted to do was be by her self and not socially interact. But now after years of doctors, being a part of ISS and good influence she not only interacts with EVERYONE but she even has a JOB!!! I am so, so, so proud of her. She is the reason why I never give up, she has shown me that it doesn't matter what other people think or say, if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you set your mind too. One in every 68 people are diagnose with autism, ONE IN 68!!  We need to raise as much money as we can to help fund autism research. So if alyssa has ever touched your heart in any way please show your support and help her and I raise money for autism awareness!  

Brianna M George
Keep Achieving Lyss!
Dawn Elliot
So proud of my girls.
John Gilmore
Hi, I am one of the walk co-directors, contact me if you need anything,
Amanda Borak
Love you guys!

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