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Support the groups on Long Island that support people with autism and related disorders by participating in the Autism Community Walk Long Island. Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Autism Community Walk and raising money for Autism Community Walk Long Island 2016. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

Victoria Smith
I am a friend and colleague of Beth. Heard the day was a success!
Mark Lombardy $50.00
Audrey Dreyfus $60.00
Joan Merdinger $100.00
Michele Quigley $60.00
Peg Brandon
Go team!
Cynthia Pollicino $50.00
Nancy Goldstein $100.00
amanda madeira $25.00
Vianne Rice $500.00
Anonymous $1,500.00
Bob Bonner
Go Luke!!!
Hi John and Jennifer, Best of luck with your walk. Tell everyone I said hi. Pat
constance bailey
hi beth!
Rachel $15.00
JDubs $25.00
Tara, Stacey and Serenity $50.00
Vrona Family $50.00
Tara Grieb-Reid
Go Snoop
Sally Hampton
Good luck with your event and cause, you are truly incredible individuals with an awesome sista. Sincerely, Beth's friend from SEA
Nadine BLoch
hugs to you and family ( and Beth, who asked for this support) xoxo
Liz Maloney
Looking forward to seeing you at the walk!
Scott and Patty Gardner
See you at the walk! We are so happy to walk with Luke.
Laurie & Carl
Hope you all hAve a great walk. Much support for this amazing team!
Mike Wells $20.00
MaryAnn Gorman and Wendy Stein $100.00
Nancy De Luca
Have a great walk for a great cause!
Laura Haight $100.00
Theresa Academy of Performing Arts $100.00
Vincent and Susan Russo $50.00
Lei-Ann Mosby
Luke I am so proud of you! I am glad you have a supportive family that loves and supports you.
Anne Marie Henessy $15.00
Kim McPherson $15.00
Esther $40.00
Giovannina Anzelone $15.00
Jennifer Gilmore $15.00
Liza Womack $15.00
Catherine Torres $15.00
Catherine Ferris $50.00
Joanne Stevens $15.00
Patricia Dillman $15.00
Ami Sam $40.00
The Dorfmans $100.00
Ray Mosteiro
Very Please to support this fine program. Keep up the good work Ray & Barbara
Pat Batt $25.00
Jack Gilmore $5.00
Anonymous $50.00
Mary Lou McPhillips $10.00
Rosemary Gibson/Kathy Panavecchia
Go Team Luke!
Tom Hug $520.00
Jennifer Gilmore $203.00
The Donnelly Family $100.00
Julie Neander
Thank you for all the amazing work you do!! xoxoxo
Andy & Betsy
Hi Jennifer, We are planning to be there on Oct. 16th. See you guys soon!
Fran D.
Wishing you all kinds of good luck in this project.
Anonymous $20.00
Laura Gross
You're the very best Mom ever. Miss and love you all always!
Someone who wishes they had a lot to give $10.00
Emma Rovitz
Shradha Agarwala
Good luck!!
Good luck and enjoy the day!!
Jan Wagner $100.00
Beth Doxsee
Keep up the fantastic work! Love and support, from Beth & Sara!
Tim Kennon
Good luck Luke and Mom!
Jennifer Larson
Good luck with the walk! Sending love and prayers for good weather & a successful turnout for our kids!
Melissa Marry $50.00
Jaclyn Marry $50.00
Steven Rice $200.00
Anonymous $10.00
Jack Gilmore $50.00
Hi Jennifer, please send my regards to John and good luck with the great cause!
Edward and Sue Ventura
Go Luke!
Good luck reaching goal! Wish I could join you!
Anonymous $50.00
Vivian Stoll
Wishing you all the best!
Debbie, Arnie and Austin
GO Team LUKE!!!!! looking forward to the walk! and let us know how we can help
Barbara Fischkin and Jim Mulvaney, Dan and Jack $50.00
You and Luke are amazing. Honored to support you both.
Aileen Monahan
Go Team Luke!
Jennifer gilmore $100.00

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