Team Biaggi for Autism Action Network

Support the groups in New York that fight for people with autism and related disorders by participating in the Autism Community Walk Long Island 2016. Learn More
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Tom and I are supporting the Autism Action Network by participating in the Autism Community Walk Long Island on October 16, 2016 at the Belmont Lake State Park in North Babylon.

Autism Action Network is a non-partisan, grassroots, political action organization involved with advancing legal and legislative issues. Some of their concerns are advancing education, health insurance coverage and research.

We sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser.

Tom and Terry Biaggi

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Thank you for your support.

Team Biaggi for Autism Action Network

dan akiu
Terry, Best wishes. How is your mom?
McGuire Family $50.00
Karen guttmann $50.00
Yuki Heckmann
Love you LOTS!!
Jim & Janeanne Rae $50.00
Liana and Mike $100.00
Jeffrey P. Reich Family Foundation Trust $250.00
Christina Chiu
Love you!
Charlie DeStefano
Great job !
michael cuzick
nice job of surpassing your goal. Great work you guys.
The Sloane Family
Wendy J. Marder
With love from the Lewin family
John and Brenda Strickland
We love you and are happy to offer our support.
Boyd Nakamura $50.00
Cousin Steven and Cathie
Hi Tom and Terry, I hope you raise a lot of money and I hope this organization helps. Good Luck!!
Patti $50.00
Lee Richardson
Good luck Tom and Terry!
Great initiative!
Shedrofsky Family
Glad to support a great cause for a wonderful family.
Kris Gagnon $250.00
I hope you guys raise a lot of money and something can be done for Nick. Good luck!!
Mario Biaggi
Hey guys - what a handsome boy - best of luck with this - keep in touch. Mario
Anonymous $500.00
DENISE Rivellini $100.00
Julia Downes $40.00
I am happy to donate. Nick is very fortunate to have such a caring,loving family
Patti Lang $50.00
Paul Biaggi $25.00
Lezli $20.95
Aloha and God Bless
Alpa Patel and Leo Otero
Have a wonderful walk! Good luck!
Peter and Donna Kelaher
Great cause. Wish we could join you.
Robert Biaggi $48.00
George Buys
I am happy to contribute to this effort. I wish you all the best in the walk and getting Autism Action Network off the blocks.
Michael Plotnick
Keep fighting the fight. Hope all is well. Regards to all, Mike & Christy
Nancy & Mike Biaggi
Go team Biaggi!!!!
John Paul $30.00
Joe Gennaro
I hope all goes smoothly and successfully during the upcoming walk, Tom and Terry. I'll be sure to keep a positive thought in mind on October 16.
Goldin Associates LLC $250.00
marc pfefferle $250.00
Wendy and Jim Gorman $200.00
matthew kvarda
Best Wishes - Nicole and Matt Kvarda
Bridget Garavalia
Terry and Tom, Colette and I send our best wishes for a successful walk!! Bridget and Colette
John LeMonnier $100.00
David and Heidi Minnick
Thank you for all of your efforts for autism. This is a major issue in this country that deserves more publicity and investment. Good luck.
Pamala & Tom Kiriakos
Tom and Terry Lynn: Autism Action Network is doing important work, and we're delighted to offer our support. On a personal note, we hope that the weather on October 16th is terrific for the walk! Warmest regards, Pamala and Tom
Dave Gonzales
Please walk as fast as possible to make Big Tom suffer!
Nydia Miranda-Sena $100.00
Ben Logan $100.00
Terry and Tom Biaggi $500.00
John Gilmore
Thank you and good luck.

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