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This page was created in support of 24 Hours of Bolton - Click here to join this cause


Native Endurance believes everyone has the potential to be a superhero. Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. By challenging yourself to compete in the 24 Hours of Bolton, you have the opportunity to push beyond your limits. When you set up your own fundraising page by clicking the "Create Your Own Page" button to the right, you can help someone else reach their superhero status as well.

Let's get moving.

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Amanda Kosaketh
Pavel, thank you for being so amazing and inspiring!
Donating in Katie's name
Thanks for committing to the 24-hour ski, Pavel- I have a cousin with Downs syndrome who is a Special Olympics gold medalist in downhill skiing and this fundraiser hits close to home. She is an incredible athlete with inspiring focus in her sport, and it's great to see the work that Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport is doing to bring similar joy to athletes with disabilities!

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