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The Raining Season

In 2019, Jessica was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer and serve at the Raining Season Orphanage in Sierra Leone while on a mission trip with Trinity Lutheran Church. It was a truly amazing experience; one she will never forget! To celebrate her upcoming marriage, Jessica is asking for donations in lieu of bridal shower gifts. Thank you for celebrating this bride-to-be by supporting an organization which is near and dear to her heart!

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Our Mission is Clear

We strive to provide a hopeful future and seek justice for vulnerable children and impoverished families, in an effort to raise up a new generation, that will in turn bring hope for generations to come.

Our Philosophy

We move forth in an effort to rescue the orphaned and discarded through sponsorship, to empower the dreamer through education, and to restore the broken through discipleship. We embrace the heart of Matthew 28, raising a new generation, healed from the inside out…. each life becoming a ripple of change, bringing hope for generations to come.


We hope to raise an additional $100,000 to offset center costs not covered through traditional sponsorship as well as the purchase of new in country vehicles. With additional transportation we will have the ability to move the kids easily beyond the compound for regular offsite activities.

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