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Pam's Dystonia Bronx Zoo Walk Page - Team Dystonia Muse

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Friends & Family,

My Dystonia began when I was 8-1/2. All of a sudden, I couldn't walk or write normally. While my speech issues started later, for years I’ve battled a lazy tongue that’s chronically late for almost every destination in my mouth. Recently, I had DBS surgery and I'm walking straight for the first time in 40+ years but I'm still plagued by difficulties with my speech. My DBS surgery wouldn't have been possible without the DMRF and friends like you!

I'm proud to organize the Bronx Zoo Walk - a celebration of our hope for better treatments and a cure - and support the work of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.With your contribution, we can Cure Dystonia!

If you'D like to register to attend the Walk with me as part of Team Dystonia Muse, "Click Here".

Thank you for joining me!


Ali, Dan and Daisy London
Superwoman, enjoy each and every step!!! We hope to be out there with you next year! xox
June & Ron Hersh
Way to Walk the walk, Keep moving forward!!
Danziger / Wenger family
Good luck, Pam!
Janet Hieshetter $50.00
Pam $150.00
Denise Michelle Gaskell
Hi Pamela, Greg and I will miss you and the city this year. I would like to make this donation for your team as we will be together in spirit! Have a wonderful day! Love Always, Denise (518) 399 - 2756
Marco Protano
GO Pam & Dystonia Med Research Foundation, GO!!!!
Rose Santee
Best Wishes for another very successful DMRF Zoo Walk! I will miss everyone.
Vince Sottosanti
Keep up the great work Pam, I'm very proud of you and all that you are doing.
You go, girl!sorry I can't join you. Love you!
Good luck, Pam
Julie King
Pam, many thanks to you for your work in raising awareness and funding for movement disorders. We'll be rooting for you on this walk.
Jodie and Sanford Friedman
Meredith Berkman
Pam So proud of you! Always have been and always will be an inspiration to those who love you!! Love Mer

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