Canadian Jam Pledge Drive for 35!

Your local campus and community radio station CJAM FM is celebrating 35 years on the FM dial and it wouldn't be possible without your yearly support. Learn More
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Hey friends!

Every year, CJAM 99.1 FM hosts a pledge drive to raise money for daily operations as well as keeping the station up-to-date while remaining your favourite local and COMMUNITY radio station.

Aside from a small staff, CJAM is run entirely on volunteers; our programmers create the content, curate the music and research information for you, the listeners!

While CJAM receives minimal financial support from the University of Windsor, the rest of our support comes from listeners and organizations who know how unique and vital our work here is.

Hosting The Canadian Jam is the one time each week I can showcase my love for independent Canadian artists as well as community radio. I've been given numerous opportunities to interview bands, attend shows, and teach new musicians how to get airplay on the radio. If you know me, you know how proud I am to be a part of this team of programmers! 

You can donate by clicking 'Give Now' on the upper right hand corner. Any size donation is greatly appreciated! 

The Windsor FCA $350.00
ROSINA! You're the best, your show is the best, and very proud of you! Keep on doing great work, missing you from Toronto!
Dennis Swarts
Splitting my pledge into 5! Four to the Canadian Jam!
Denise Cascadden
Keep up the good work Rosina

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