2018 Capoeira Arts Foundation Fundraiser

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Dear Friends and Family,

I am partnering with the Capoeira Arts Foundation and raising money to help keep the doors of our UCA Berkeley Capoeira School open. This magical place is my home away from home. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much. The  amount isn't' important but your solidarity means the world to me. 

Thank you for joining me!

Much love, 


Anonymous $20.00
Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena
Tora $20.00
Leslie Henriques
Hope this helps! Miss you.
Anonymous $20.00
Brigid Schultz $25.00
Best of luck! Muito obrigado for the energy that you bring to the world.
Lindsay $5.00
Wish I could give more, but hope it’s enough to keep the doors open. You’re awesome for doing this, btw!
L Erceg
Blessings in Jesus. lpe
Mirian Hong $10.00
happy to donate, but it's not a hang-out-or-donate situation, we can do both!
Crossing fingers, and hugs!
Jose Rafael Pereyo $100.00
Vai Metralha! Beijos!
Mimi $25.00
Moska $20.00
amy barsky
love you Nati!!!
Amelie Gurcan
Sending our love!!!
Anonymous $25.00
I hope your school can keep its doors open, Nati. I know how special that place is to you!
Fogueira $40.00
Arrepiado & Esperta
Much love for UCA!
dona maria do camboatá
obrigada por participar de longe!!!

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