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Hi Friends and Family,

The company I work for, Illuminate Education, is partnering with Mariners Church in April 2017 on a journey to the Congo to support the miraculous work of pastors Camille and Esther Ntoto and their organization, UJN “Un Jour Nouveau” (also known as Africa New Day). We will be serving a small school and community of passionate, hard working people seeking to transform the culture of the Congo through education and leadership.

Our company has made this trip twice before and each year I have been inspired by the stories about the people of the Congo, the lessons learned by my colleagues, and the stories of empowerment. This year, I am so excited to have the opportunity to take part and am very grateful for my family and friends who have already encouraged me to follow my heart.

Part of the gift of being able to embark on this adventure is to share the experience with family and friends. If you’d like to be part of this opportunity to serve, you can make a tax deductible donation in support of my trip and know that you’re part of something wonderful. Donations can be made on this page with a credit card. Any financial contribution -- no matter the size -- shows not only your support of me, but more importantly, a belief that light can overcome darkness.

The community I get to serve has so much to share with the world, I can’t wait to bring back what I learn from them to you.

Thank you for your love and generosity!

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So excited for you to get to do this. Hope you have an awesome adventure.
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Thank you for your beautiful work in the Congo
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