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This page was created in support of Mexico Kingdom of Comfort 2015 - Click here to join this cause


This March, our whole family will be going with 150 students & adults to be of service, with God's guidance, to the people of Mexico. Please help us make this trip to Camalu Mexico possible so that we may provide the desperately needed services such as medical, dental, and chiropractic clinics, distribution of eye glasses, youth outreach, prayer walks, building projects at local churches and more. 

dale and tim
you and your family are in our prayers as you venture to serve in our Lord's name, again this year!
Praying for you guys!!!
Darlene Jantz $50.00
Janice Stone Thomas $20.00
Valerie Stevens-Campos $20.00
Susan MacFarland
Have a wonderful time doing good things for the people of Mexico. God bless!
Al & Kristi Foster $75.00
Jim Parks $100.00
Laura Lorbeer $250.00
Cheryl Stern $10.00
Marita Styrsky $30.00
Luana Kiger
Prayer Support
Jones Family $75.00
Chandra Domich $100.00
Ann & Jim Fish $100.00
Patti & John Dusel $250.00
Shirley & Gene Vanderwall $200.00
Vicki Meyer $40.00
Coach Smith $10.00
Brian Asher $10.00
Sylvia P.
Prayer support
Marcia & Roger $50.00
Sandra Johnson $100.00
Diane and Clair Parsh
Prayer support
Bruce and Marlin Ogden $50.00
John and Delette Spring $20.00
Eric and Stephanie Smith $40.00
Judy Lee $20.00
J. Mark Dewitt $50.00
Pat Grimm $25.00
Dale & Tim Aust $50.00
Steve & Carmen Allen and Josie Fulmer $50.00
Mark & Cheryl Eshoff $125.00
Char Gezi $25.00
Katie Metzger $100.00
Lorna Burkhard $50.00
Bob Hearst $100.00
Benita Whitall $25.00
Karen Boulet $50.00
Lynn Jordan $50.00
Linda Case $25.00
Bob and Nancy Brow $50.00
Jim DeFerrari $50.00
Dan Lee $40.00
Damiano Family $40.00
K Vanderwold $125.00
Gary Jones $50.00
Carolyn Armstrong $25.00
Carolyn Metzger $100.00
Kathleen Jarvis $100.00
Nancy Buckpitt $20.00

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