Austin Farmer- CSM Costa Rica 2017

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Dear Friends and Family,

I’ve been granted with the ability to go on my second missions trip! As some of you may already know, my first missions trip was about four years ago to the Bahamas. Looking back, I can see the huge impact that trip had on my life throughout my high school career. It changed my life.

This summer, I will be attending a missions trip to Costa Rica with The Cove Church. This will be an awesome opportunity to serve God in a culture that is far different from ours. The trip is from the end of June through the beginning of July. My goal is to raise $1,700 by June 26th. This will allow us to serve the people in Costa Rica for 10 days. While in Costa Rica we will get the privilege to share the love of Jesus, partner with local churches, host kids camps, and build relationships with the community. The trip is intended to grow and stretch us by allowing us to put or faith into action! The trip is much greater than any of us.

Your support is crucial for the success of this trip. As community of Christians, you guys are involved with the trip just as much as we are! We share a common goal, to sing until the whole world hears. Your financial, emotional, and spiritual support are a huge part of this trip!

Please offer your support in any way you can. Don’t feel obligated to support me financially if you don’t have the ability to do so. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel pressured to support me financially. However, if you feel called to donate, then by all means don’t hesitate to do so! Every donation matters, a $5 donation is just as important as a $100 donation. Any support given financially will help me get one step closer to reaching my goal of $1,700.

At the end of the day, God is always in control of the finances- He will always provide a way! But its up to us to provide the prayer for this trip! Please be praying for our team and the people of Costa Rica as the trip approaches. Pray that lives will be changed, eyes will be opened, and financial goals will be met. Pray for safety, preparation, and peace of mind.

Thank you guys for being apart of a team who’s goal is to grow and expand the global Christian community as a whole.

I can’t thank you guys enough for your support!

I can not wait to see how God draws us closer to Him and each other through this trip!

-Austin Farmer

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Leonardo Novas
My dear Austin, Texas... the best boy ever !!
Brandon Horine $50.00
Papa $650.00
Hey bro I hope you get 100% of what you need, proud of you for going the extra mile to be a missionary in a place that needs it! :)
Sydney McPherson
Love you Austin! :)
We love you
Kris and Marshall Croom
Natalie Ramirez
Austin! Miss seeing you at CCA! I love seeing your pictures and its great to hear things are going well. May God use you and your church to do amazing things in His name in Costa Rica. Praying for ya!
Yooooooooo this trip gonna be LIT FAM!!!!!!!!
Anonymous 2 $25.00
Anonymous 1 $25.00
Mike Panek
Go Austin!
Bill Schott $50.00
Many blessings on your trip!
Tim Beal
Psalm 84:11 Miss you man! You're gonna have a blast!
Tim Davis
Hope you have a great time Farmer!!

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