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Thank you for supporting Concordia Seminary, St. Louis on Giving Tuesday Nov. 27, 2018.

You are helping us prepare pastors and deaconesses so future generations will be blessed by faithful and Gospel-centered shepherds. All gifts raised on Giving Tuesday in 2018 benefit student aid.

Since its founding in 1839, Concordia Seminary has provided more than 12,500 workers to the church. Our students become pastors who preach in your church and lead your Bible study, and deaconesses who care for your congregation and serve you, your family and your community in times of need.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please consider making Concordia Seminary part of your Giving Tuesday plans in 2019 — Dec. 3.

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Lawrence H Scheffler $500.00
flagthrower $100.00
Rev. Paul Scheunemann $100.00
Daniel and Rachel Warner
Thank you for doing such a great job preparing pastors and deaconesses! :D We really appreciate it!
David Blair
May our gracious Lord greatly bless your Gospel centered work!
barbara gardnerxxxxxx $500.00
Linda Petersen
In memory of Pastor Herbert P Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs Jim K. James
As I told Shypronia P. Whitford of the phone, this gift is to help Concordia Seminary continue providing church workers.
Tri-Pillar Publishing $4,000.00
Marion Prine
God be with you to guide you and to bless you in all that you do. Thank you.
Anonymous $25.00
Kyle Braswell $500.00
Linda Koch $50.00
You are a blessing to our community!
Dag & Rachel Calafell
We are thankful for all of the seminarians, deaconesses, educators, and staff who have answered Christ's call of dedicating their lives to His service. May He who began a good work in you bring it to completion!
Mr & Mrs Robert Roth $50.00
Nora Fredstrom
David L Krepel
This is a gift from my business, J & J Woodshop. I have been blessed this past year and wanted to share some of it. If possible can you send me a receipt in the name of the business so that I can use on my tax forms.
Rev. Paul and Susan Speerbrecker
James Bruner
Continue to point others to the Word of God and help your students to hunger for the Word (Jesus).
Doug Dick $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Tim and Tonya Fredstrom $500.00
Judith Van Andel $15.00
Pastor Don Muller $50.00
Sue Neider
Our prayers are with you and your students.
Dan Block $500.00
Elisabeth Bennett
God's richest blessings as you prepare for the ministry
Dr. Abbe Boring
Thank you for all that you are doing to prepare our future pastors.
God bless our students as they prepare for their future ministry!
Anonymous $500.00
Mark L Pieper $2,400.00
neal s menscher
God Bless all the students at Concordia Seminary.
Mrs. Catherine Burkhard $150.00
Gordon Gross $100.00
Donna Buehner $50.00
James Deterding $25.00
In memory of Rev. Monte E. Frohm and in honor of Vicar Nils P. Niemeier.
Peace to you all, in Christ!
Pastor Vern & Dee $150.00
Coleen Gurske $25.00
Anonymous $50.00
Rev and Mrs. Charles Adams $50.00
Joel & Joni Hoyer $75.00
Donna Pyle
Onward Christian soldiers!
Anonymous $100.00
Eloise E Schwarz
This may be a small amount but I am contributing to a number of worthy organizations outside of our church contribution.
Dennis Cox
Thank you for continuing to prepare workers for the field.
Rev Robert & Julie Stuenkel $50.00
Jan Hoffmann $100.00
Mike and Ruth Flynn $500.00
Linda Haselhuhn $50.00
God’s blessings to you for the work you do in preparing pastors to spread the Gospel.
Rev. & Mrs. James Robinson $500.01
Michael Dobler $200.00
Eileen Morrison $75.00
Charles Matthys $50.00
Jayn Wangerin Fritrsche $50.00
vicki hough $50.00
Mr. Alvin L. Ludtke $100.00
Anonymous $500.00
Thomas K. Spahn $10.00
Hal R Johnson $500.00
Joel Elowsky
milton berner $200.00
Randall Senn
Who told you to flee from the coming wrath??
Dory dehne $25.00
Michael Kasting $100.00
Rev. Gary S. Schuschke
God Bless you all!
Ronald Kassel $100.00
Douglas Rutt $25.00
John and Gloria Strieter
God's continued blessings!
Lynda & Hub Lenz $50.00
Steven D Latzke $25.00
Donna Werner $25.00
Albert L Garcia
Lifting up our students in prayer. Blessings to them.
Rev. Michael Warmbier, 85
Thanks be to God for the fruitful and steadfast ministry of Concordia Seminary!
Diane Paulson
LeRoy Wilke
John Gierke
Betty Davis $20.00
Andrew and Brianna Wilson $150.00
Susan E LaPorte $50.00
Ed Lim $100.00
Danlias Howe
10,000 Blessings
Kent Luth $150.00
Rev. and Mrs. W. Max Mons $75.00
Marylin Potter $25.00
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rosinbaum
God’s blessings on your studies. Thank you for your service to the families of Lutheran churches LCMS.
Gary Winter $50.00
Glen Emery
May God richly bless you, your work, and the students! I’m blessed and proud to be a product of CSL!
Wayne Knolhoff $50.00
Anonymous $250.00
Donald H Bade $50.00
Doug & Dawn Atkinson $100.00
Stanette M. Rosenberger
Thanks you for your lives of service. PTL. Blessings prayed for you today.
Rev. Carlton Riemer $50.00
Mark Kiessling
Thank you for you focused investment in forming men and women for ministry in Christ's Church!
Thanking God for ALL staff and students for who you are, what you do, and that He gives you blessings back.
James J. Vehling
Evan Gaertner $100.00
Victor Clevenger $25.00
This donation is in memory of Vivian H. Berg, funds given to the family at the time of her death. Vivian was a faithful giver to Concordia Seminary during her life. This is a one time donation, so please Do Not put my name on your mailing list.
Jamie Dienell $25.00
Hannah Loum $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Tom Evans $50.00
Roger Reetz $50.00
Jerrie Oldani
Kent Burreson $25.00
John W. Bruner $25.00
Jim & Marsha Brodak
God bless you all in your great commission to become pastors.
cliff pleggenkuhle $50.00
Deanne Tolzmann $25.00
Kenneth Mangels $100.00
Glenda R Austin $500.00
James Harris $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Lisa Schrader $25.00
Jayna Rollings
Michelle Poneleit
James Marriott $25.00
Rev. & Mrs. Charles A. Gierke
May God continue to bless Concordia Seminary, the professors, the students and all who work at this institution. May His name be hallowed “in the halls” and outside the doors.
W. J. ZOLLMANN, III $50.00
Wayne Oliver $25.00
Thanks for creating this team!
Anonymous $10.00
Melodie Bostic
Anonymous $50.00
David Peter $50.00
God is good all the time.

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