PCS Day of Giving 2022

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Professional Children's School has supported generations of thinkers, leaders, and artists through flexible, enriching education. For over 100 years, PCS has paved the way for unique, talented young people to discover their passions while also pursuing an intensive academic learning experience.

Your support will open doors for more gifted students to join the PCS community.

The PCS Board of Trustees has generously provided a matching gift of $98,000. Thank you for donating!

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Note: Proceeds from the Board Matching Gift are added daily at the end of each business day. The total raised listed above reflects both donations made and matching gifts contributed to date.

Jesse and Anne Ausubel
Anonymous $7,500.00
Sarah Bard Rogers and Randy Rogers
W Scott Blanchard $100.00
W. Scott and Wanda Blanchard
In Memory of Peter Nitze
J. Gregory Werhman
John D'Angelo
Amanda Best of luck for your very worthy mission of helping Childrens' education! John
Emma $100.00
Paul, Laura and Hugh Kane
Danielle Lewis
Anastasia and Kevin Rotheroe $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Merrill & Ashton Curtis
Mya Jones $100.00
Peter Pileski $1,000.00
Stefan Song $50.00
Karen and Max Sevillia $180.00
William Brant $50.00
Jenny & Jon Steingart $2,500.00
Carol Hertling and Frank Nickell
Laurence Madsen and Gregory Spano
Anne and Jim Pugliese $50.00
Jonathan and Catherine Wachtel $1,000.00
John and Victoria Mancuso
In Memory of Peter Nitze. M no
Dayle Brenner Wild
Molly, Damon and Charlie Klesa $200.00
Christina Wood $100.00
Dr and Mrs Cahill $100.00
Vlak Family
Eleena Melamed
Thank you PCS!
The best school in the world! Thank you for you do!
Clementina Rodrigues
Thank you for all you do for your students.
The Carskadden Family $100.00
Jessica and Max Anderson $50.00
JoAnn Mariano $100.00
Bruce Menin $1,000.00
Anonymous $100.00
Elysia Lichtine $48.00
Lola Cooper
Katya Michaels
The Negroni Family
Audrey Chaffee
Aly French
Anonymous $100.00
PCS Dollar Wall - 31 Participants
Thank you to the contributors of our Dollar Wall today! Yaqi W., Kobi F., Minnie, Elle C., Azhy R., Sophia O., Kaycee D., Isabel K., Adam X., Keren W., Annabelle W., Kate S., Julia O., Kcaysha M., Roman L., Havana F., Belle C., Taige W., Chris H. Maureen D., James D., Aj M., John T., Danielle L., Revin R., Kevin C., Altagracia R., Thea K., Jeff L., Sarah R., Yana M.
Emma and Ed McLoughlin
Hope everyone is well. Darcy is now a company artist at Memphis Ballet.
Elizabeth Christenberry $100.00
Michael Gleicher ‘04
Altagracia Ramos $50.00
Tiffani and James Talbot
Ayana Mbaye
Hon.Diane & Mr.Bernard Yatauro $1,000.00
Anonymous $100.00
Rosenberg-Caracciolo Family $500.00
The Ortiz Family
Rocio Izurieta $50.00
Jessica and Eric Anub
Carrie and Alex Shaurette
Christina Hall Lovely
Thank you!
Elizabeth Anne Hartman $200.00
Caroline Gogolak $450.00
Peter & Amanda Thomas
John Tucker $75.00
Anonymous $100.00
Paul Chalmers $300.00
Jean J Scales $50.00
Raquel Martinez $50.00
Denise Jackson Sutherland $1,000.00
Mikal Casalino $50.00
Morakis Family
Tricia Lynch Patton ‘08 and Ryan Patton $1,000.00
Erica Marks Panush and David Panush
The Torchia Family
Nicky had a wonderful experience at PCS and will treasure his memories always. - Thank you!
Christine Dziegielewski $100.00
Erika Petersen & Eric Rosenthal
Sean and B.J. Sullivan
We are truly grateful for the professional atmosphere of PCS, and the high caliber education you provide!
Dr. George Groth $100.00
Nina and Andrew Shapiro $1,000.00
Harold S Spitzer $2,000.00
Anonymous $200.00
Berenika D. Palys $50.00
Dr. Daniel Curry & Mrs. Rachel Curry ‘05 $1,000.00
Lisa K Kulson
Lee and Bill Dieck
Thomson Reuters $150.00
Board of Trustees Match*
The PCS Board of Trustees has generously provided a matching gift of $98,000. Thank you for donating!
Leeza Behar $163.00
Yaoyong Meng and Jinglin Jin in honor of Qingxi Meng '15
Francine L. Goldfarb
Francine L. (Amdur '62) Goldfarb
Elizabeth Heidi Bishay
I had to close my credit card that is on file for my recurring gift because of identity theft. I will set up a new card for my recurring gifts after the Day of Giving.
Shawn Ostrower
We thank the PCS teachers, administration, and staff for their thoughtful dedication to our son's education. Thank you.
Brigid & Frédéric Le Minez $150.00
Jill Perin $100.00
Maria (Buck) Retartha
Cheng Io Lo $200.00
Kristin Mattiske Nicholls
Jessica Carlson
So much love for PCS!
Patti Mariano
Follow your passion!!!
Tell Carlson
Sally Shreeves and Norm Champ
Thank you for everything!
Mariam Dingilian
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $500.00
Carswell Berlin $50.00
Kate Karen Stiene
Please give beanie to Kate. Thanks for all that you do for our kids. Very grateful we found PCS
Asimos Family $5,000.00
Lynn Mizzy Jonas '68 $200.00
Sarah Rutledge
Ernestine Byer-Tyre $75.00
Mr. and Mrs. David Walter
This donation is being made in honor of DeNiro Hudson.
Kevin Casey $100.00
The Connors Family
Thank you for all you do!
Kobi Frumer
Seniors 23!
Michelle & Alon Frumer
Best School Ever!
Gregory Gropper
Stefani Greenfield and Mitchell Silverman $1,000.00
Drew Beasley
David Bixler $1,000.00
Julie Stevens
Amy Crate '89*
Board of Trustees Match / Thank you PCS! You help to make dreams possible!!
Sonya and Darren Schroeder*
Board of Trustees Match
Erin and Brendan Scanlon*
Board of Trustees Match
Robert and Sharon Musiker*
Board of Trustees Match
Sonja Kostich '90*
Board of Trustees Match
Melanie Harris '91 and Rob Fraiman*
Board of Trustees Match
Isaac and Kiran Greaney*
Board of Trustees Match
James Dawson & Shaun Mattivi*
Board of Trustees Match
Amanda and Ritam Bhalla*
Board of Trustees Match
Donald and Susan Brant*
Board of Trustees Match
For our children
Dana & Glenn Orenstein
Thank you for such a warm welcoming. We are so happy to be at PCS
Diane Kenney*
Board of Trustees Match
Christian Nosal $150.00
Kevin and Jean Rodd
Thank you for all you do.
Reem Abu Amara
Lillie Thom & Cliff and Sylvia Hartman $250.00

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