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5k • 1 mile Dog Walk • Dog Contests • Music • & More • Fun for the whole family!

Hello my name is Trio, I am a three-legged beagle who was adopted from The Harnett County Animal Shelter by Jennifer Flowers. I am the spokesbeagle for Team Trio and will be assisted by human beings Juanita Daniell and Jennifer Flowers. I think it would be pawsome if you would donate to my dogjog team to help solve our pet overpopulation problem where it STARTS –instead of where it ENDS. Money raised from HAWC’s Dog Jog goes to support (HAWC) programs such as spay and neuter assistance, community outreach and education, and the Harnett County Animal Shelter. The more money raised means we will be that much closer to the day when there are no more homeless pets like I used to be. Thank you for supporting Team Trio!!!

Yours truly,


Juanita Daniell $12.50
Jennifer Flowers $12.50
Katie Morgan $200.00
Amanda Fox
Thank you for all of your hard work!
Nicole Overton $10.00
April Hood $10.00
Gail Regan $25.00
Ann Jones $50.00
Astrid Verdegaal $5.00
Judy Kennedy $25.00
Beth Holak $20.00
Susan Pope $20.00
Carrie Mangum $20.00
Beverly Anzaldua $5.00
Brenda Druck
Glad to help Juanita.
Betty Wolf $100.00
Ruth Klubcar $25.00
Ellie & Henry
Go Team Trio!
Glenda McCleod $50.00
Lee Godwin $60.00
Hey Juanita. Takes me a while but I'm happy to donate.
Nancy Palmour $95.24
Linda Butler $10.00
Betty Manning $5.00
Sandy Howard $25.00
Pat Godwin $25.00
Patricia Avery $25.00
Juan and Andrea Fernandez
God bless you all for all you do for these precious animals. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated!!
Lisa Weatherly
Thank you for all you do for the animals of Harnett County, Juanita and Jennifer!!!
Leo Huntley $60.00
Diane Sparkman $50.00
Lacye Owen
Hope this helps in your quest to beat Team Deacon!
Debbie Davenport $25.00
Judy Carroll $100.00
Kenneth Ennis
Hope this helps! Good luck beating Team Deacon!
Thank. YOU ALL for all you do for some of God's creatures
Susie $40.00
Walter Weeks
Go Team Trio and HAWC!
Chris Royal
Go Team Trio!
you go girls!
Lorna Hodge
Hope you have a great turnout.
Good job Juanita, thank you!
Laurie Hayes $25.00
Donna Burnette
Let's go Team Trio! Hope you win the 2016 fundraiser!
Pam Watrous
Here's to all of you at HAWC...keep up the good work!
Anonymous $100.00
Tracy Huntley
Go Team Trio!
Betty Manning $10.00
Linda Butler
Go Team Trio
Thank you all for helping these animals.
Sarah Noell
Go Team Trio -- -sarah
Mary Dill
Proud of the great work you do with HAWC!
Susan Becker
Thanks for all you and your HAWC buddies do. Juanita you are the best!

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