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Next month, I'm participating in a 3 day breast cancer walk in Hilton Head, SC. This walk is special for so many reasons. It is the 1st breast cancer walk I've done since the Avon 3day when my mom was going through breast cancer treatment and it is also my friend Go Tigers' event. She puts the whole thing together!

However, the most important reason this walk is so special this year, is because my aunt, uncle & cousins just lost a member from the other side of their family yesterday to breast cancer. Angela ("Ange") leaves behind a beautiful little girl, a husband and an incredible family.

Growing up, I always heard stories about Ange because my middle name is Angela and Ange was hearing impaired. My mom was also partially hearing impaired and my aunt used to talk about how she learned to communicate to Ange because of my mom, or maybe it was vice versa. Either way, my heart aches for my aunt, uncle and cousins, who have now lost another close family member.

As a participant, we don't have to raise money. Laura does it all herself, but she's just shy of her goal to put this event on, including the expected donation to her foundation - The Carolina Cups. The Carolina Cups donates money for breast cancer research and treatment, including mammograms for those who are unisured and who cannot afford this very critical test.

I've formed a training group called Our Stories of Strength, based on of the recent publication of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome anthology and on the entire Our Stories of Strength anthology series.  One of the anthologies that is planned and that we are accepting submissions for is the surviving breast cancer anthology.  

So, I'm walking for Ange, my mom and everyone else who would give anything to be on the walking and living side of this horrible illness. If you can help by donating to this incredible event, it would be greatly appreciated. Donation & LoCo Motion event information is below. 

- Kendra (Team - Our Stories of Strength)

LoCo Motion is South Carolina's 3-Day Breast Cancer Event

And our mission is simple: raise money to provide life-saving screening, treatment, and research.

As homage to our 30-mile event, we have created the 30k Challenge, and with your help, we will raise $30,000 by LoCo Motion weekend.

Unlike other fundraisers, LoCo Motion donates every single penny to the cause. 

We have no staff. No one makes any money.

We produce this event because we love it, and we believe we're making a difference in everyday lives.

We fill the gap, providing funding directly to the non-profit service providers to offer free mammograms, medical assistance, and outreach services to the people that need it most.

These clinics, hospitals, and other health-care providers receive funding from many sources, but they have many limitations, and ultimately miss a large segment of our population.

Our funding is targeted to reach those people that need it most. Without the red-tape and bureaucracy. 

We're simply helping people that need help.

LoCo Motion is a huge event that has real costs to produce, but no one profits from it. We are all volunteers that do this for free.

Our registration fees and sponsors help defray the production costs, but your donations make all the difference in our ultimate success.

So while we don't require fundraising to participate in LoCo Motion, we encourage everyone to reach out and raise a few dollars.

If everyone raised just $30, we would have an additional $30,000 to cover life-saving mammograms, biopsies, and treatment. 

We know you share in our commitment to the cause.

Rise up and be part of the 30k Challenge!

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