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Hello everyone! In addition to supporting F4TC with my professional skills & experience as a Board Member, I'm also supplying them with my body, and those of my wife and daughter at this year's World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton on June 14th.

Yes, you read that right. This desk jockey will be running in his first race since before the internet became a thing! This will also be Christine & Maia's first time running in the Mud Run, and we are really looking forward to getting dirty for this worthy cause.

We are hoping you will sponsor our run in this race with a small donation to Fit 4 The Cause. Any amount will help! All your dollars will go directly to Fit 4 The Cause, which continues to fund health needs through diverse group exercise programs.  

Oaks Security
Congratulations on a great event. Keep up the great charitable work.
Rob Dodd $50.00
Lisa Woo Heidtman
$100 for each runner + $25 for each board Maia broke during her test. :-) Good luck! We love you guys! Go Maia! Oh... and go C+C! Hope you're feeling better, and the gear does well. Looking forward to the video.
Coastline Development, Inc.
Good luck getting dirty :)
Mom Woo $50.00
Aharoni Family
What a great cause! Can't wait to see the photos!!
Dr. Schumacher
Good Luck - Don't get too dirty. hahahahah
Best of luck must have picture of this activity.
Steve Litavck
We want pictures
Yari Zepeda
This is awesome. Wish we could join but are committed to an event on that date :( Good luck and raise big!!! Yari
A + A Price Sales and Marketing Inc.
With our Best Wishes
Carolyn Pistone
Allan Williams
Good luck! We are rooting for you.
Cindy R.
You go Woo Woo
Chris Woo
I believe in me!
C2 Crew $1,145.00
Chris Woo $1,145.00

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