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Please support my dirty, filthy endeavor, working very hard for a clean, worthy cause!

If presented with an opportunity to help someone in need, many people would.  How about if that meant pushing yourself way outside the boundaries of your comfort zone?

With my running days behind me, that is exactly what I am doing on June 14, 2015, as I participate in the World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run to “fun”-raise for FIT4THECAUSE, a non-profit organization that relentlessly spreads fitness fever through wellness education and motivational special events to benefit health related causes, qualified individuals and special populations.

Living an active lifestyle has afforded me the benefits of being physically and mentally fit; however, many others are not as fortunate.

As a young girl I witnessed the struggle my mother had with her wellness.  I learned early on that healthy choices have a great impact on emotional, mental, and physical welfare. That experience fueled my passion for exercise and staying fit.  Now that I am a first-time grandmother, I have become even more committed to getting this message out… but I can only do this with your help.

Pledge your support for me by clicking the link below to make an online donation.

Your tax-deductible donation will fund programs tailored specifically for special populations, allowing them to benefit through movement and empower them to fully enjoy their life.

In fact, I believe so much in this organization and the work being done to help others that I proudly serve as Secretary for the Board of Directors.

As you may already know, I take enormous pride in “running clean” – especially when it comes to organization, ethics, and personal commitment.  I can personally assure you that every single dollar raised goes to health related non-profits or qualified individuals, developing community programs and delivering results.

So won’t you get down and dirty with me for a great cause?

Make a difference right now and show your support by donating online here.

With sincere gratitude,


Winer Family
So proud of YOU!!!!
Amanda Ullman
Get down and dirty! Have a ton of fun Aunt Hallie!!
L Palascak
Get em tiger !~ : o )
Steven Sapkin
Hallie, I always suspected that you were a dirty little girl, but now my suspicions have been confirmed. Actually, you look like you just spent the day working as my office assistant! Have Fun.
Matt Wald
Way to go! Keep up the good work!
Ruangsiriluk Familiy
ilene bartley $30.00
nancy loman
I really admire what you are doing!!!!! Thanks for being such a giving and beautiful person! Antoinette
scott cooper
Have fun!
Stephanie Marlin
Hallie, you are a true inspiration!
Kerry Oldenburg
You Go GirlFriend!
Carol F.
Go luck and I know you will do great!
Susie Montgomery
Go get dirty! Love you Hallie!
Looking forward to seeing the pictures that day!
Telesis PT
Go Girl!! We're proud of you!
lauren smith
have a blast!! love that race!
Arsht Family
Have fun!
Elissa & Dan Goodkin
Go gettem Hallie! I did this race last year and it's a doozy! Eliss can't wait to get back to the gym with you!
Jillian Greenberg
You go girl! I'll see you at the Mud Run!!!
Am sure you will do GREAT and hope you have a ton of fun doing so! - Marjorie
Cheryl and David Stern
Have fun getting dirty! Good luck!
Lauren Wald
Thank you for everything you and Howard have done for me. Best of luck in the race! I'm excited for you. xo
Toby Donner
Hey Hal, So excited for you & this race. GREAT JOB! XOXO Toby
Paula Sadler
Good luck in achieving your goal!
Matthew Elke
Hallie, Good luck, and don't get so dirty that the weight of the mud slows you down :-) Cheers
Shelli Cohen
Shelley Y
I am so proud of you. You go my sweet friend.
Good Luck Hallie!
Joslyn Stuart $50.00
Go Hallie!!!
Ellen and Gary Michel
Sounds like a great workout for a good cause. Have fun!
Carl and Bobbie
Great work Hallie! Good luck and have fun getting dirty! Bobbie and Carl
Have fun and get MUDDY!!!!
Abby and Jonathan Fisch
Good luck Hallie! Keep up the great work. Sending love from Miami. xoxo, Abby and Jonathan
Laura Michel
You are truly amazing Mom! We are so happy to support you and this fabulous cause. XO Laura and Brian (and Ashton)
Olwyn KIngery- HMK Foundation
Yeah Hallie! I'm totally excited you are doing this! It's really fun but grueling race.
David Reinard $100.00
Dr. Deb
Have fun getting down and dirty!
Lenore and Michael P. King $100.00
Megan Hoerman
Go rock it!! Have the time of your life!!
Jason Naiman
You go girl ! I have many "fond memories" of running through the mud at Camp Pendleton, oh so many years ago.
Mark H
Go Hallie!
David & Andrea Blankstein
Go Hallie !! We are supportive of your great efforts and charitable work.
Mudder Fudder Mudderians $3,000.00
Hallie Blau $3,000.00

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