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Since all my joints are working properly, I thought it was time to try the 10 K race at Camp Pendleton's World Famous Mud Run on June 14, 2015. Truthfully, my participation is to raise money for a wonderful nonprofit organization, Fit4 TheCause. This group raises money for local and national health groups such as Cancer Support Community, National MS Society, American Diabetes Association and others as well as for individuals with special needs. The organization provides community and wellness education, and fun exercise programs in the community led by professional fitness instructors.

My goal in this messy run is to raise $2500 of donations, which will be used for the community exercise classes and programs.

Thank you so very much!

Fit 4 The Cause raises money and awareness for local and national health needs by producing diverse group exercise programs led by professional fitness professionals. Our philanthropic formula blends concentrated energy, music and community providing a unique educational experience complementing the traditional gym workout.

All proceeds from your support goes to Fit 4 The Cause, a 501c3 organization. Tax ID # 46-5400388.

Gary Levine
Go get 'em Lorne! Love from your Montreal cousins!
Colleen Carroll
All the best to you, Dr. Label - if full support of this great cause!
Steve & Gelsey
Way to go, Lorne!!!
Karen L. Schiltz
Happy to help. Good luck and congrats on your level of fitness!
Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy
We support you! I think it's great you are doing this. All we ask is that we get some pictures of you during this mud run. =)
Robert $25.00
Great cause
The Mudless Cleaners $675.00
Lorne Label $675.00

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