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Caryn Mower, Andrea Dahlgren, April Miller Howe, Rick Howe

My pigeon-toed gate prompted the pediatrician to suggest leg braces.  My parents opted against this recommendation to protect me from social ridicule. If I had known then what I know now, I would have opted for the leg braces. My ability to participate in physical activity was limited, always tripping over myself when forced to run. I was able to excel as a swimmer since I didn't have to drive through my feet. 

Fast-forward, I became a stressed out division president at a global entertainment company.  Living to work, I was one unhealthy single mom.  My diet consisted of lard and distilled spirits with physical activity limited to subway stairs, party attendance or airport running. I faced unanticipated adversity in the premature loss of both of my parents to Cancer. It was a very dark place. 

Becoming empty nested allowed me time to reevaluate priorities. I became a cardio-kickboxing addict surrounding myself with a new fitness family.  Fascinated by kinesiology while recovering from long term injuries, I threw myself into fitness education earning my certification from American Council on Exercise. My 30 years of corporate experience along with my newfound passion provided the perfect formula to start a non-profit organization called Fit 4 The Cause. I truly love preaching about the fitness lifestyle and how it can increase confidence and improve overall health and well-being. And now that I'm engaged in consistent training, I'm excited to complete my third Mud Run at Camp Pendleton.  (Even though my team moves slow).  After my childhood obstacles, I never thought I'd be able to complete a 10K run.  Third times a charm! Supporting the U.S. Military always makes me think of my dad who served with the U.S. Airforce. 

Please support Fit 4 The Cause participants at this year's World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton on June 14th, at 8:30AM. You can stay clean by sponsoring my F4TC team right here!

All your dollars will go directly to Fit 4 The Cause, which continues to fund health needs through diverse group exercise programs.  All gifts to F4TC are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. 

Claudia and Keith Gronsbell
We are so proud to call you friend!
Heather McLeod
Go Team F4TC! Proud to support a great cause!
Ingrid Chen
Cindy,get dirty and have fun!! xoxoxo
Polly Tattersall (Andrea's mom :)) $25.00
Andrea Tattersall $50.00
JoAnn Tattersall
Alan Taylor $100.00
Alan and Marcia Gecht
Cindy (Queens), Go Girl! "Here's mud in your eye". Better than being a stick in the mud….cause your name would then be mud.  Wishing you a most triumphal victory! Love Marcia and Alan Gecht
Kahn Roven, Trial Lawyers
I love the muddy look.
Get good and dirty and have fun doing it!
Laurie Smith / LBMG, Inc.
Go for it, Cindy! What a great organization and cause.
Erika Isler Life Coaching
Go get 'em girl!
Chip Rowe
Go Cindy!
Matt Kamin
Theresa Krant
Good luck!!!!
Joe Delaney
Looks like great fun!
Terri Claire
Give to get down and dirty!
Elly Helfeld
So glad to see what you've been doing. Keep up the good work.
Marc Jacobson
Good luck! Happ to help.
Scott Miller
Good luck Cindy!
Susan Pomerantz
You are one remarkable woman, Cindy! It is just a pleasure to know you and will be a pleasure to watch Fit 4 the Cause grow and become a major force in the nonprofit world. Go get dirty and have a wonderful time doing it!!
David Adelman
I love it when you get dirty !!!!! Go F4TC.
Cindy Rakowitz $1,390.00

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