In 2015, I conquered the 10K World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton in support of Fit 4 The Cause - a tax exempt non-profit organization which I helped form two years ago and to which I remain wholeheartedly committed.

Listed above are the names of my awesome 2015 sponsors who supported my Mud Run efforts.  Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them.  They helped me raise close to $4,500.  

On August 20, 2016, my teammates and I plan to vanquish the 5000 yard Summer Splash Swim Relay at the Miller Family YMCA in support of Fit 4 The Cause.

I hope you will be one of my awesome 2016 sponsors who support my Swim Relay efforts.  I'm looking to raise at least $7,500.

Mud Runs.  Swim Relays.  Why do I keep pushing my body to its physical limits in support of Fit 4 The Cause?

  • Because of the nutrition classes it provides to the low income residents who live in assisted living facilities located in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley and managed by Many Mansions
  • Because of the exercise classes it provides to the at risk teens who take part in the Breakthrough Student Assistance Program affiliated with the Conejo Valley Unified School District
  • Because of the exercise classes and personal training sessions its provides to the fragile and physically challenged seniors who attend the weekly community classes at DePaz Energie Fitness Studio and who train at The Stadium
  • Because of the fitness events it produces throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties which generate much needed revenue for its many qualified non-profit community partners
  • Because of its aspiration to devote 70% of its gross revenue in support of its programming instead of subsidizing expensive offices, bloated salaries and bottomless expense accounts

Help me help the one which helps so many . . . Fit 4 The Cause.





Victoria Stone
Swim baby swim!!!
Ray Ray & Ronnie Schwartz
50 laps!! Is it a 10 yard pool? Seriously, with the gold medal in the better late than never category (5 minutes until the relay), here's $2 per lap plus chai for finishing. Mazel Tov to you and your organization. You're an inspiration to us "elders". Go Bro!!
Renee & Pierre Jacobs
You are the best David!
Rick Garboski
Way to go David!!! Hope you and Cindy do well and raise a ton of $ for F4TC. Best, Rick
Scott Zimmerman
Mary Swanston
Go David. Great thing you are doing.
Stephen J. Landsman, Squar Milner $100.00
mark r. raphael
please stay on top of the water!
Gus Valdespino $125.00
Tony Tartaglia
Good Luck David!
Todd Moster, Moster Legal Placement, Inc. $50.00
Tuck Meador
KEN MILES $200.00
Larry Mazzeo
Go get em DA!
Pegi Matsuda $100.00
Joni Marine
Swim hard!!!!
Julie Messa
Good luck!
Judy & Michael Altman $25.00
Debbie Vandermeulen
Have a great event.
Lynnette Shidner $100.00
Mark S. Shipow
Good luck!
Deborah S Bauer
You got this!
Alan Gecht
David, May you be a Big Fish in a small pond: super strong and successful in your endeavor. Alan
Viviane & Steve Franklin $25.00
Kira Masteller
Go Man Go!
Ronald L. Silverman
Good luck! It's a good cause, thanks for doing this. -Ron
Larry Burton
My pleasure David
Greg Korth
Hi Dave. Happy to help, if only just a little. 50 Laps.....Quite impressive! Certainly a worthy cause. Glad to have a chance to contribute! Job search still underway, but all's well! Will keep you posted. Best always, Greg
Keith Gregory $118.00
E. Mark Fishman
Go get 'em David! Love your work for a good cause.
Greg Vanni
Great cause - good luck!
Brett & Susan Rowley
yo dave, stay wet!
Chuck Tigerman
Looks like lotsa laps.
Fred Levine
Keep your head above water
Heather Glick-Atalla $40.00
Ray Howden $100.00
Holly Krupnick
Looks like a great cause David! And your 5000 yard swimming relay sounds like an amazing challenge...truly awesome!
David Bonrouhi
Good luck in your swim Dave. Great cause!
Debra Mondragon - Narver Insurance $500.00
Ed Korbel
I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.
Just remember Tiger.......Old Age and Treachery will over come youth and enthusiasm every time! Good Luck MO Brudda.......
Doug Arseneault
Way to give back, David!
Diane Blackman
Good luck David, I'm impressed, I could never do it!!
Deborah Shames
Good for you!
The Adelwomen
Go DA...
Claudia Jackson
Great cause David (aka - Flipper) - I cannot imagine swimming 50 laps....just 5 and I am exhausted :)
Alex Guerrero
Michael J Harness
"Fins to the left, fins to the right, and you're the only bait in town" ..... swim strong for the cause, DA, we're with you ..... Cheers, MJ
Bryan J $100.00
Bill Tyndall
Awesome. Good luck.
J&A Associates
Go David!! Happy to support Fit 4 The Cause. xo Kim and Leslie
Alan Taylor
DA, You da man, go my man, go!!!!
Rosenheim & Associates, Inc. / Brad Rosenheim $100.00
Greg Lippe
Hi David: Best of luck in reaching your goal. Sincerely, Greg
Jeff McConnell
As Dory would say, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
John Mavredakis $100.00
Bill Harrison
Best of luck Dave. Good cause for those of us who need to get/stay fit.
Lenny Poirier
I think you should swim 100 laps.
Go Dave Go
Adelhosen, you will do anything to cover your dasdardly (sp) demeanor. Go get em. Ep Sig 738
Rees Evans
Hope you can float!
The Moby Dicks $8,729.00
David Adelman $5,398.00
David Kestenbaum $2,206.00
Lorne Label $875.00
Andrea Dahlgren $180.00
Kimberly Bordonaro $70.00

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