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Join the crowdfundraising revolution and empower supporters and advocates to create personalized fundraising pages to benefit your organization. GroupRev is free to use and you can quickly unleash the power of peer fundraising in the next few minutes. Here is what we need you to know.

Step 1

Register as a Beneficiary (Required)

When you register as a beneficiary, your organization or charity becomes available to be the recipient of donations made from our global community of fundraisers and supporters. Any person can create a personal fundraising page with a goal to benefit your organization. When donations are processed, they get deposited directly into your bank account automatically. Pretty Sweet, huh?! After registering, we will touch base with you to do a short verification process and then you are set.

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Step 2

Create a Fundraising Project (Optional)

After registering with GroupRev as a beneficiary, you automatically become available to fundraisers around the country to raise money for your organization or charity on your behalf. If you want to guide and direct supporters towards a particular cause or project within your organization, you can create a fundraising project yourself with a master goal. Then supporters can join that cause and create an individual fundraising goal within your main goal. All funds and donations are tracked and reported back to your master project.

When you register an account, you can also initiate your own GroupRev fundraising campaign and invite supporters and advocates to build personalized fundraising pages.

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