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This page was created in support of Haiti Men's Faith Adventure January 2016



I’m heading out on another faith adventure. I realize I just went out in October to Germany. It’s back out to do something completely different. I am going with a team to serve Mariners’ local church partners in Haiti.

For many years Mariners has worked alongside Glory Glory ministries in Haiti to reach the Haitian people with the love of Jesus. On this trip we are going to listen to and train the local church as they address addiction in their communities.

First, we will listen to the experiences of local pastors as they are the front lines of engaging the spiritual and emotional needs of their congregations. They are poised to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are marginalized because of mental health challenges.

Second, we will bring a one day workshop on what we have learned in the US through engaging addiction and other mental health challenges in our communities. We will have the opportunity to train pastors from various local churches in three groups over three days.

In addition to training, our group will invest in the orphanage at Glory Glory. There are things to be tidied up and maintained and we will have a sturdy group of men not afraid to get things done.

There are 2 main ways you can partner with me (same as the last time):


Like any opportunity to further God’s kingdom anywhere there is always opposition. This time it will be no different. We will also be pressing into territory the enemy holds dear – human bondage in addiction. Pray that we are prepared to meet the challenges ahead of us.

Financial Support:

This is your opportunity to go with me. Jesus said where your heart is there is your treasure. It’s just the nature of what we value. So, when you support this ministry your heart goes with us. Give a little or give a lot. Either way it’s the best way to vote your values! You can give on this page, or you can make out a check to “Mariners Church” with “Haiti-Jack West” on the memo line, and mail it to 5001 Newport Coast Dr., Irvine, CA 92603.

Thanks for reading this long letter and thank you in advance for your support!

Be well,


Anonymous $100.00
The need could not be greater, and no better leader for this work than Jack West.
Excellent! This is a huge need and you are the best man I can think of to go.

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