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After the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, scores of Haitians migrated to Los Cocos, a rocky, barren wasteland, just outside of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 


They situated themselves by building homes out of scrap metal and cardboard, they were happy just to provide shelter for their families after the natural disaster left them homeless and devastated. Unfortunately, although six years have passed, that is still the way they live--the ground is still barren and the families are still suffering. 

As no aid has been available to them since, there has been no improvement and they have become a forgotten people. That is, until two years ago when God downloaded the Gift of a Meal program into our hearts. Happiness Now currently feeds about 80 children (on and off as we are able), provides medical and dental outreach, school supplies, and clothing every three months. 


Since July 2015, Happiness Now has had its first on-site missionary, Anna Hantack, overseeing our projects, visiting the children, and the Pastors on a regular basis. By doing so, her service helps us develop a closer relationship with the community so they can feel Jesus' love through our care. The long-term goal of Happiness Now is to teach the community about personal, financial, and environmental sustainability, but to do so we have to help lift them to a place where they can begin to help themselves. 

Our goal for the first quarter of 2016 is to raise $25,000.00, in order to build our Happy & Healthy Community Center, which will allow many other things to fall into place. We'll have a school and clinic just a few steps away (for the two teachers and registered nurse in the community). This physical presence in the community will also help us get their school registered, and receive support from the Dominican Department of Health, that has generously offered to provide medical supplies if we come up with infrastructure to house it. We'll have a safe and clean place, with a bathroom for our on-site U.S. missionary to work, train leaders, lead bible study, and spend time with the kids on various activities including arts and crafts. This will also afford us a place for storage, a kitchen to cook meals for the children, and a place to host/receive missionaries when they visit. The building will function for social activities to share the good news of the Gospel with the entire community as well as a place for us to start our apiary project, AND serve as a refuge in the village in the event of a natural disaster. Upon completion, we will begin helping one family at a time, build a home for themselves. 


Your support with any of the following would be unbelievably appreciated by all the beautiful souls in this community:

-Assisting Happiness Now with meeting our goal for the first quarter of 2016 to raise $25,000.00 (we are believing God to break ground by Easter)
-Donation of construction materials
-Equipment and supplies for the school
-Equipment and supplies for the clinic
-Sponsoring a teacher, nurse, or pastor salary ($200.00/month)
-The purchase/donation of a minivan or pick up truck (there is no transportation in the village and some of the children walk miles to get to school in most cases bare foot)
- Come on a mission trip and help us build! 

Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to joining together to make a big difference for the Kingdom!
"He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love!" Ephesians 4:16

All Donations are U.S. Tax Deductible. Federal Tax ID #46-3011033. For More Information: Checks are mailable to: Happiness Now 16105 Swingley Ridge Road #592 Chesterfield, MO 63017

Dietra Lewis
Love this mission!
Jenkins Family
Deborah Stine
Let's get these kids clean water, and rid the community of the awful diseases developing with their contaminated water use.
Ilona Tannfel
Della Jenkins
So excited to get this done!
Charlotte and Hazel
We love Happiness Now and so proud of our Auntie Annna!
Anonymous $20.00
Not a lot, but I'm doing my part.
Eduardo Crespi
Luis Valentin Fermin
God bless you all for the hard work you all are doing and helping out those in needed! The children from DR really need that help, our help. Keep up the great job you are all doing!
Mary Lou and Roger Keech
Hand of Hope
God bless this ministry!
Mike & Jenny Martin
Raquel $10.00
Laci Loeb $20.00
Valerie $30.00
Michele Russell
Jackie, this is from Ashley Russell for $52.50. Her address is 801 Cleveland, Apartment #3214, Houston, TX 77019. I just used my debit card in lieu of hers! Thanks, Michele Russell
Roger Keech
Looking forward to seeing all the blessings that will pour out of this community center!
Anonymous $30.00
Darse uno mismo, eso es amar! Yes, we can!
Mary Lou Keech
Let's build a Happy & Healthy community center for these kiddos!
John Pace $100.00
Anonymous $200.00
Donny Piela
Good luck with your campaign!

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