Hope for the Bahamas

Help get supplies to the people of the Bahamas! #Dorian2019 Preview

We have set up this fundraising page specifically for relief help with the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. 100% of the donated funds will go towards the recovery efforts to help those effected by the storm. We are partnering with MIF - Missionary Flights International that will be flying supplies there on a weekly basis beginning immediately. We will also be collecting specific items to be shipped as cargo through MIF flights. Details to come on this, but for now the most financial donations.

Many people suffered losses of homes, all of their possessions, and even loved ones. Please consider a gift to helping the people of the Bahamas. We will be updating this site periodically with specific needs. Specific items purchased with the donations will be solar lights, food, water, generators, tarps, tents, etc. 

Thank you for your generosity!

kip kienstra $300.00
Lisa Bernal $20.00
Koval’s $100.00
Alan Amavisca
Matt, thank you for doing this--when i read the news all i could think was "how do we get help to the right people to help these folk who have been blasted by this monstrous storm? i am glad you stepped up--i will spread the word! Blessings!!!
Mary Salgado $500.00
Donna Svajda Tzitzis And Thomas Kaspar
Thank you sir
Koval’s $50.00
Michael & Lynn Carey
Thanks Matt for organizing this vital effort!
Matt S. $100.00

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