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Your week long dancing good times are back!

Another great year full of dancing, education and community memories has past and the Bay Area House Dance Festival has returned.  This year the festival will continue it's on going support of the Bay Area local 501c(3) The All The Way Live Foundation, in an effort to continue to projects working to inspire Bay Area youth into more creative life goals.  To learn more about ATWL please visit - .

To learn more about this years HDF activities please visit -

In the 2017 festivities, HDF will continue to raise funds for the All The Way Live Foundation, which is a local 501c(3), that works with at-risk youth in the Bay Area. Activities produced by ATWL help inspire our local youth to do more with their time and energy, helping to raise our next generation of artists and community leaders.

***The video featured here is a trailer for the mini documentary covering All The Way Live's 2016 outreach project in Kathmandu, Nepal.  House Dance Festival was a major supporter/sponsor providing both monetary support as well as volunteers and project management.  Thanks to the support of HDF supporters/donators we can continue to help foster projects like these for dance communities around the world. 

Here is the HDF mission:

The Bay Area House Dance Festival is an annual event that found its start in 2009 as an extension of the long running uniquely American "House Dance Conference" based in New York. No longer connected to the "House Dance Conference", the mission for HDF is to uphold the community and cultural traditions of "Club Dance Culture" as they are described and documented in the stories of Bay Area club dancers dating back to the 1980's. These traditions include a healthy mix of unique improvised dance expression, social community wellness and the underground club culture of House Music. Through various social activities the festival hopes to expose a piece of Bay Area club dance culture to those who are new to the community or are visiting from places outside of the Bay Area. Activities have included: dance workshops to educate on ideas and movement of various forms of "urban dance", focusing heavily on those of American origin; night club events with live music, performances, DJs and of course an open dance floor; historical presentations and group discussions to share history and help document the Bay Area's club dance community and culture; dance competitions; and other interactive events to encourage more community involvement and positive social construction.

While the landscape of activities can range from year to year, the foundation of the festival is that of a consecutive 7 day experience with one or two key actives taking place on each day. The foundation of each and every activity is to bring the community together in a safe and creative environment, at no monetary cost to the participants; to further dancer relationships and grow the club dance community at large within the Bay Area. The festival makes a conservative effort to support like-minded local foundations by raising funds through optional donations for the various activities that are offered free to the community during the 7-day experience. Raising funds for local foundations helps with carrying on the same type of positive community atmosphere and helps circulate it into year-round activities.

Sam Reidy $25.00
Thank you for all that you guys do!
suellen einarsen $70.00
Rik Panganiban
Thanks so much for bringing house dance and music to the community and my life.
Anonymous $200.00
AV TRKRNR $25.00
Mischa Byruck $100.00
Morgan Simon $100.00
Will love and appreciation for all that you do.
Mike Po $50.00
Joseph Souligna Nontanovan
Thanks so much for all your hard work and spirit, brother. I hope more people will donate in the next 2 weeks. Peace!
This week has already been incredible! Thanks for everything you do for the community, and the work All The Way Live does. I'm hella inspired to join the trip hopefully next time
Taj Turner $50.00

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