Joshua McHenry-2018 Mexico Mission Trip

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Hello everyone, this year I am going on another mission trip down to Mexico, and I could really use your support.

As we travel down to Mexico, the honest truth is that, although I would love to do this trip more often, it isn’t something that can be done for free. This year I will need to raise $600 to help support our mission team. The money will go towards only the trip, as this amount has been carefully selected to cover the costs of driving an entire youth group across the border and back, paying for medical supplies to aid the community, for food so we can eat at the base we will be staying at, and for any number of other key things.

John & Marsie Mott $50.00
Lynn Jordan $50.00
Vitalay Pulber $20.00
Daisy Piatt $100.00
Enjoy your trip!
Kalen Skinner
Praying for you!
Anthony Wing $20.00
Kimberly Kim $20.00
Galen Wing
Do God's Work; also you should take charge of burning the trash if they let you.
Batkin Family $25.00

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