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Right now, a little girl is crying out in pain and terror as she is being held down and raped by a grown man...who paid cash for the opportunity.

Meanwhile, a pervert is posting naked pictures of a frightened little boy, and then forcing himself on him.

This could be YOUR son... your daughter... your niece or nephew... your grandchild... your sister... your brother.

This is REAL life and it is happening IN YOUR TOWN...and Americans don't care.

You want proof? There are less than 600 beds available NATIONWIDE for children who are victims of the sex trade, however…we have over 13,000 animal shelters.


There are over 4.5 MILLION children, some as young as 3 YEARS OLD, who are being held and traded as modern-day slaves for sex.

These children are:

  • Forced into prostitution and pornography.
  • Performing sex acts for up to 20 grown men a day.
  • Drugged and beaten into submission.
  • Sold online like property.
  • Forced to turn tricks for money, but don’t get to keep any of it.
  • Raped and tortured to make money for their "owners."

Some of them were sold (or pimped) by their parents in exchange for a TV...or just because they couldn't feed them.

When the girls get pregnant, they are forced into an abortion, and then ordered to have sex five to ten more times that same day. If they try to escape, or fail to meet their nightly quota, they risk being beaten, tortured, or killed. Sometimes, they are forced to watch another child be tortured in their place.


The average age for prostitutes is 12 years old, and it is getting LOWER as the number of pedophiles grows.

Can you IMAGINE that??

People think this kind of thing only happens in Asia, but this is a PROBLEM WITHOUT BORDERS. And it’s happening in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD...RIGHT NOW!

Last year, over 2,500 cases involving trafficked CHILDREN were reported in the United States alone. That's up 846% since 2010.

At any given moment, there are at least 100,000 children being sold for sex here in the "Land of the Free." Some of them are being shipped in from other countries, but one out of six missing American children is likely a victim of the sex trade.

Did you know that the biggest sex trafficking event of the year is the SUPER BOWL?!


What if this was YOUR son or daughter? Your brother or sister? WHAT WOULD YOU PAY FOR THEIR FREEDOM?

Child sex trafficking is the fastest-growing "business" in the world, behind drugs and weapons. Drugs and weapons can only be sold once, but a child can be sold for sex SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. It’s a $10 BILLION business in the U.S. alone!


Do you want to know who the BUYERS are? Celebrities... politicians... pastors... rich executives... college students... welfare recipients... young people... old people... EVERY creed... EVERY color... EVERY religion. Maybe someone in your neighborhood.

And up to 90% of the victims are never discovered because they are silenced by their captors...or even by their parents.


King’s Ransom Foundation is partnering with organizations across America and beyond to rescue trafficked children. We call it "RESCUE 1000."

1,000 kids are being rescued out of a life of captivity and abuse, getting them to hidden safe houses, where they can get free of the drugs and the nightmares. They get to heal, and learn what it means to be a child, to be loved, to be free.

The real problem is simple: APATHY. PEOPLE DON'T CARE.

Americans largely care more about stray animals than they do about suffering children.

So, in addition to caring for stray animals, WHY NOT provide these children shelter, food, clothing, abuse counseling, and an education, which ONLY costs an AN AVERAGE OF $14 PER DAY...you spend more than that on LUNCH!

These kids are worth it. That’s why we are asking you to join the fight.

We will rescue 1,000 kids from the sex trade and give them the life they were meant to have...but the clock is ticking on these precious children.

Are you one of those who will sit back and say, "that's too bad," or will you be one who STEPS UP AND TAKES ACTION FOR THESE KIDS?

Don't let another child scream in agony as they are being forced into sex.


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Leiker Family
Love what you are doing!
This is from Grandma & Grandpa Keene
Grandma says it’s not much but every little bit helps. They are very proud of what you are doing
Nina Jackson $310.00
You are amazing!!! <3
Mandy and Michael Hanson $826.00
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XMH Beauty Corporate ❤️
Big shoutout to our clients!! Thank you for voting with your dollar
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You two are moving MOUNTAINS!!!
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For Reece Leiker - her birthday request <3
Nina jackson
Money raised for DJU swag
Mandy and Michael Hanson $400.00
Alissa Moffett
Love you vision and happy to come alongside you and donate. You're amazing!!! :)
Nina Jackson
Love XMH!
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Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!
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Olga and Rob
Thank you for your leadership!!!
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In Yeshua’s name!!!
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Almost to the goal!! Praying with you that you make it today!
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You did it!
Lyndon & Nicole Bussey
Thank you for being a brand that represents beauty on all levels!!
Shauna Strand $250.00
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Bless you guys for doing this ❤
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Allison Dongo
You two are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you do!
Karidon & Eddie Roundy $1,000.00
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Sonya Fernau
This is an awesome thing you’re doing and great job raising this kind of money.
Luci and Luke Coblentz $344.00
JH Woodworks LLC
Thanks for the opportunity to team up with y'all and give to free sex slaves. All the best!
Noelle Lynn Heffner $65.00
We pray this helps ease the suffering of all those affected by this horrible situation. In Jesus name Amen
Kristi- Artket Acres $155.00
Anonymous $25.00
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Brad $250.00
Thank you for being such amazing examples of true leadership.
Charline Lancaster $100.00
Lori Williams $1,000.00
Lori Williams $1,000.00
Noelle Heffner $265.00
Natalie Rodriguez $75.00
Jaelynn Chesson
Hey Guys! Giving in honor of my daughter today, so I can send her off to college with her own Change Agent palette! <3 Thanks for the good work you're doing, and for rallying the troops! Glad to be a part of this awesome mission.
Shawneequa Hamblin $512.00
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Rachael Johnson
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Nellie Banman
I Love you Guys for all you do!!! <3 <3
Anonymous $100.00
Harmsworth $400.00
The Schreibers
May God continue to bless you and thank you for leading by example. We pray this helps release the captives. May God heal the broken, restore their Joy and give the lost Hope. In Jesus name, Amen.
Noelle Heffner $130.00
Anonymous $381.43
Christina hernandez $388.00
Natalie Rodriguez
Keep fighting the good fight! <3
Anonymous $200.00
Joe & Kala Cuka
let's save them all!
Karidon and Eddie Roundy $500.00
Gabriel Rodriguez (Natalie's son)
Gabe says "I want to help other kids who aren't being treated nicely."
Natalie Rodriguez
Keep inspire others to help others! <3 You guys are amazing!
Jessica & Ramir Abawag $100.00
Noelle Lynn Heffner
Sovi $200.00
Christina hernandez $300.00
The Schreibers
We pray this helps bless a lost, forgotten, broken soul and that God restores and prospers them like a tree planted by living water. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen
R. Winter
Love love love what you are doing <3
Jamisa Spalding
Megan Coughlin
Thank you for being to amazing people and teach and lifting us up.
Anonymous $10.00
The Schreibers
We pray God continues to multiply your efforts to help all those suffering from the human trafficking epidemic! In Jesus wonderful name! Amen!
XMHBeauty.com $1,000.00
Jaycee $50.00
Tiffany Chesson $2,000.00
Ashley Bogan
Luci and Luke Coblentz $800.00
Jamisa Spalding
Mikki and Matthew Kline
Thank you for leading the way to make a difference! <3
Brad $1,000.00
Super excited to see this go above and beyond what you can imagine!!!!!
Thank you lovely people for all you doing!!!♥️
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Natalie Rodriguez $150.00
Shawneequa Hamblin
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $100.00
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Noelle Heffner
Tanisha Layne
Thank you for being who you are to many of us. Continue to impact lives.
So honored to know you both. Thanks for making a positive difference <3
XMHBeauty.com $1,400.00
Noelle Heffner
Jessica Abawag $100.00
Anonymous $250.00
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Jenny Van Leuvan
Thank you for putting energy into this cause. It’s a cause I believe in and I’m so glad to be giving towards.
XMHBeauty.com $600.00
Anonymous $135.00
Shawneequa Hamblin $100.00
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Amanda Garner
Natalie & Robert Rodriguez
Xtina, thank you so much for sharing about this cause! <3 It is near and dear to our heart too!
Karidon & Eddie Roundy $1,470.00
XMHBeauty.com $800.00

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