Krista Harper Fall Service Trip with Lahash

This fall I’ll be on a team visiting Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to work with our ministry partners & support our sponsorship & higher education programs! Preview

This fall I’ll be going on another ministry service trip to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. We’ll be serving the kids and partners at two locations, attending a university graduation, and meeting with our East African team in Nairobi.

Starting in Kenya, we’ll visit the Lahash offices and have meetings with our coworkers in Nairobi. Then we’ll head into the Rift Valley to spend time with the kids at Nipe Tumaini Children's Home. In Uganda, our team will attend a university graduation from one of the students in our higher education program!

We’ll conclude our trip in Rwanda. There are 75 kids in the sponsorship program in Rwanda, and we’ll have the opportunity to join the kids during their Saturday program gathering. We'll do some visits with some of the kids and their caretakers at their homes and meet with our partner staff.

These trips to East Africa are so valuable for the sponsorship program’s high level of care. This trip will allow us to continue to maintain strong partnerships, collect new media, learn from the kids and staff, and expose new team members to the work God is doing in the region.

The key details about the trip:

  • Dates: October 19 - November 4
  • Cost: $3,500
  • Locations: Kenya, Uganda, & Rwanda

Will you partner with me and the ministry by contributing to the costs of the trip and praying for our team?

Thank you!

Tom and Sherie
Have a great time connecting with our partners, children and each other!
R. N. $50.00
D & E H. $150.00
D. S. $100.00
M. H. $200.00
L. P. $100.00
D. K. $50.00
Hey Krista :)
D.W. $200.00
C.W. $100.00
Katie Repsold $100.00
Geneva $10.00
C.B. $50.00
Beth Pagella $25.00
Anonymous $500.00
I love the work you do Krista! So important. Thank you. xo
Leah and Chris Harper
So grateful to be able to partner with you and we know you have such a great heart for this work. May the Lord bless you and those you are reaching!

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