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Dear friends and family,

Since my first introduction in 1983, capoeira has become my life and my livelihood. My journey has been a wonderful, powerful, sometimes difficult and tumultuous, yet very satisfying adventure turned passionate cause. I love teaching this unending and forever deepening art form. Born through the tragic human history of slavery, and evolving for centuries along with its dynamic Afro-Brazilian culture, capoeira remains a positively transformative influence on the countless, diverse lives it touches.

Being a Mestra, or female Mestre of this historically male-dominated activity, I feel it an honor and privilege to work with the ever-growing number of female capoeiristas that look to capoeira as a means of personal development and expression at all stages of life. Capoeira has much to offer them, as they have much to give back to it. I love and am dedicated to nurturing this exchange.

Mestre Acordeon will be celebrating 60 years of capoeira and 40 years of teaching it here in the U.S. this October, and we will also be marking 20 years of having our own true academia de capoeira here in Berkeley. Having our own space has given us the ability to create the right atmosphere for capoeira to thrive - one where our instruments can hang on the walls; where our classes and events can run as long as the spirit takes them; where our sweat and energy polishes our benches and floor; and where generations of our kids can play safely and freely in a home away from home.

Our space is a truly valuable asset to us and our extended capoeira community, but we are now in danger of losing the lease and our school. I am asking for any support you can give to our most fun and lucrative fundraising campaign where people immerse themselves in capoeira for hours - our Roda-thon!

You can donate a dollar amount per game, or a flat contribution, supporting me or any other participant you would like to sponsor via the GIVE NOW button. Help me reach my fundraising goal of $3,000! A flat donation would be best as I’m most likely not going to play 50+ games that day :)

Alan Letran $300.00
Um beijo e abração forte!
Tony pandola $250.00
Kari Perez
Amazing work Mestra!
Miyo & Akio $100.00
Joseph Farsakh
Congrats! Look like the goal will likely be reached! Awesome!
Grace Chang Ttee
Obrigada to Afiada from Auntie Grace!
Casilda Rubio $300.00
Olivia Coelho
Thanks Mestra and UCA people for running the best capoeira school out there! You guys are the best and I can't wait to be back! Olivia & all the girls;)
Kim Epifano
You are incredible!!!
Mniska Lamb
For Gata Teimosa(25) & Furacão(25)
Salathiel Bluitt
Still in Mexico! Hope you are having fun up there!
Go mestra! Beijos!
Obrigado mestra
Mimi $25.00
Água Mole
Heather and Wyatt $40.00
Mateus and Vanessa
We love you Mestra.
Contramestre Beringela
Mestra Suelly, you are the best mestra that ever mestra'd, and pretty much my favorite.
Helen Alvarez $25.00
CM Radio Velho
Renata da Malta
Go kick some butts, Mestra!
Thank you Mestra for teaching me the amazing Art of Capoeira!!!
Tarcio Demolidor $120.00
Rie & Eric
For Zadie! Great video and love your spirit :)
Ave Maria Hackett
Helping Zadie Moon to help CAF ~ Brava, ladies!
m. jordan
Mniska Lamb $20.00
The Morabito Family
Zadie great video clip!! We admire your beautiful spirit and amazingly hard working nature. This is for you " for stubborn cat". Thank you for all you do in the kids program and to inspire us all.
Sonja $200.00
Lucia Cancelada
to support Zadie, Gata Teimosa ¡seguí asi, genia!
Muzenza $100.00
Sage $100.00
Good luck with the rodathon!!!
Natalia Valencia
Mestra I love you... but this here is for Gata Teimosa!!
Aimee Wells $80.00
zachary present $50.00
Erik Fernandez
Obrigado por seus esforcos.
nina rudnick
Sending love! (And $)
Fogueira $40.00
Mac & Jack $100.00
Mestre Avestruz
Carry on Suellen!!!! Capoeira sempre.
I would love to be there to play a jogo with you! Sending love.
Maya $100.00
Nan Page-Stevens $150.00
C. Ciavonne
Love the work you guys do!
Jim einarsen $200.00
Bob Einarsen $300.00
Mestra! Kick hard!
Sarah Kotzamani
Love you Mestra, I'll be in touch.
Arruda $100.00
Thank you for everything you’ve brought to this community, may it live on for a long long time!

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