Mikey's Marchers Page for the 12th Annual Jigsaw Run & Fundraiser for Autism Awareness!

The EJ Autism Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity. Its mission is to create Autism Awareness and to support programs and schools on Long Island that currently work with children on the spectrum. Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, Once again, I am (along with our Mikey's Marchers team) partnering with EJ Autism Foundation and raising money for Autism Awareness and to support programs and schools on Long Island that currently work with children on the spectrum. As always, my inspiration is my son Mikey and other children with autism like him.

The EJ Autism Foundation provides various tools and funding that autistic children need to progress in their development. The cost of therapy, education, and other various needs of autistic children is very expensive. Many schools and other programs cannot afford to provide everything needed to best help their autistic students. EJ Autism strives to help make up the difference and support children with autism in every way possible.

Last year, with the help of my wonderful family and friends, Mikey's Marchers raised $2,340.00 for the EJ Autism Foundation That was 156% of my original goal. Your support touches my heart deeply and motivates me on those days when I feel the challenges of being an autism parent. I've set my fundraising goal this year at $1,500.00. Any financial support you can offer is most appreciated and will directly help children with autism.

I sincerely appreciate your donations for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me and Mikey's Marchers!

Ryan, Ethan, Ernie and Maggie
For our cousin Mikey! We love you. Ryan, Ethan, Ernie and Maggie
Susan Giancola
I am not able to walk this year, but I definitely wanted to make a donation :)
Miss Taylor
Way to go Mikey's Marchers!
Frank & Mindy Martorana $50.00
Mom and Dad Olawski $50.00
Diane, Liz, Chris & Matt
Ibis Vera $50.00
Jeanie Collins
Go Cousin!
Wilbert Family $30.00
Jaime & John D'Aquino $50.00
Good Luck Mikey's Marchers and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mikey!
Aunt Pat & Uncle Allan $25.00
The Dunne’s $50.00
lisa holmes $30.00
Kathy Harney
For love of Mikey!❤️
Karen S. $40.00
The Ferguson Family $25.00
Christine Resnick
Always a good cause! Go Mike’s Marchers
Gus Lugten $100.00
The Kossack Family
We are looking forward to another great walk supporting a great cause! Keep up the good work!
Amy Kabat
Can't wait to do this walk with you!
Chrissy Thorp
Love Mikey!! I'm one of the aides in his class at school. I'm raising funds myself for EJs foundation because I'm running the 2018 NYC Marathon and couldn't have picked a better charity! See you at EJs Jigsaw 4miler
Anonymous $75.00
Bob and Jackie Henderson $50.00
Mary Lou Kossack
Keep up the good work!
Lorraine Ambrosino
So proud of Mikey and his wonderful family!
patricia hoer
Good luck xxxooo
Gale Quail
We appreciate your efforts and all you do above and beyond!
The O'Connor Family $100.00
M & M $25.00
Greg Pandolfo $50.00
Tiffany $25.00
E $50.00
Larry Shapiro
Mikey's Marchers $2,050.00
Dan Olawski $2,050.00

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