2019 Bowl for Life Bowling for Babies Fundraiser

It's time to celebrate the life of Lijie & help others who want their own dream baby. The Kevin J Lederer Life Foundation gives HOPE to families in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas that struggle with the emotional, physical and financial burden of in Learn More
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Hi Friends & Family, 

10 months ago we welcomed our Sweet Elijah after having to undergo IVF and immunotherapy to conceive and sustain the pregnancy. Without great medical coverage, we would have had to spend $200k+ to get him on this earth. Insane, right? I used to beg the Universe - just give me this baby and in turn I will help others. So here I am, meeting my end of the bargain. 

I've decided to partner with the Kevin J Lederer Life Foundation and raise money to help others fund their IVF journey. Right now we are fundraising for our Bowing for Babies Fundraiser (happening on April 28th). 

I sincerely appreciate your support as I pursue my mission to help other families meet their miracle babies. 



Aunt Tina
What a blessing our little Lijie is!
Happy to contribute sweet girl! Love you and Lijie both to pieces.
Ann L.
For my precious, amazing niece Ruthie and our incredibly sweet baby Elijah!! I am so proud of both you and Evan for your strength/courage and the fantastic work you are doing for your family. Love and support, always - annie
Ellen Schoenbeck
Hope it was a fun day!
Life wouldn't be the same without my godson! Hope this small donation helps someone out there in some way get their own Lijee.
Evan Johnson
Happy to contribute to a great cause that is dear to our hearts.
Adam & Katy
Awesome to see you pin-down such a great cause, and we're happy to spare a few dollars to help strike down anything that stands in the way of families!
Business Simplified LLC, Dave & Ellen Schoenbeck
Caryn, we are happy to help you with some seed money for this worthy cause. Mom and Dad
Caryn & Evan Johnson $100.00
Team Moonie $850.00
Caryn Johnson $850.00
Lisa Widder $0.00

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