On August 19th, 2018 I am walking the MyHeart Counts 5k at Stanford in honor of the Bayer family, who are patients of mine.

I met Hannah and Leslie, her mom, in 2017. Leslie had suddenly lost her sister to a cardiac arrest almost a decade before. Her sister was in her 50s. Hannah and Leslie both have abnormal heart rhythms. Many other relatives - close and distant - have had heart problems. For many years, it was not known what was causing the heart problems in the family and it was unclear if and when the heart problems could show up.

Only within the past two years have advances in research led to the identification of the culprit gene which is causing heart problems in the Bayer family. There is now a test for family members to know if they inherited the genetic heart condition or not, and we can be proactive about protecting them if they did.

I’m dedicating my fundraising & walking to the Bayers, the family members they’ve lost, their incredible resilience, and hope for their family’s future.

Make a donation today and your dollars will help fund life-saving research and care in the Stanford Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease for families like the Bayers.

Every donation helps, no matter the size!


[family consented to sharing their names, story]

Anonymous $25.00
Good luck on your walk.
Leslie Bayer
Have a great run!
Anonymous $250.00
You're amazing, friend!!!!!
run GC $1,645.00
Colleen Caleshu $1,000.00
Josh Knowles $200.00
Chloe Reuter $445.00

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