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Who wants to send me Over the Edge to raise money for kids in Gretna? 100% of what is given goes right to the kids I do life with every day.

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The most unique fundraising event is coming to Omaha! Courage is necessary as this experience will challenge you to take your support to new heights. This urban adventure fundraising event gives you a chance to rappel 230 feet down the Highline Apartment Building (22nd & Dodge) in downtown Omaha.


Youth for Christ works with local students to build relationships through weekly clubs, creative programs and caring adults; to help them make good choices and positively impact their schools. Currently in 40 schools, YFC works with 2,000 students each week. Your donation will go directly to helping kids - funding programs and growing into new schools.

Our goal is to raise $230,000 to help the youth of Omaha!

Registrants must raise a minimum of $1,000 to rappel.


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2016 Highlight Video

Nash Family $25.00
Chad Wohlers / The Websters' $300.00
Dennis & Colleen Payne $20.00
David Mancuso $20.00
Teresa Fee
Thank you for building into the lives of our children! You are a blessing!
Brian and Michelle Webster
We appreciate everything you do for our kids.
Wake the neighbors, get the word out! Crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout! This is life we've been given, made to be lived out! So la la la la live out loud!
Good Job, Brian! I'm so happy that God is using you to be his mouthpiece for kids!
Please don't share my credit card information with others
Flemmer's $30.00
Randy & Angie Arms
Way to go BP!
Chuck and Cheryl Bear
Thanks for going over the edge for our Gretna kids!!
Good luck, don't look down.. :)
Cindy Mefford
Heard you already went down! Hope it was fun!
Dawn Beckler $20.00
Molly Ramseyer
you GO BOY!
Roth L Penke
Thanks for all that you do and continuing to be a great influence in Rylan's life along with so many others!!
Anonymous $100.00
Rachel Doorenbos $40.00
Mary Roberts
Brian, Thank you for loving on our kids!! We love and appreciate you!!
Dee Dee Palensky $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Jason Speer $500.00
Chris Glatter $40.00
Have fun, Brian! Thanks for all you do for our community!
Crystal L. Larson
Thanks for all you do! Have fun and be sure to take in thr breathtaking view of God's world!
Thank you for all you do!!
Amber Kniser
Proud of all you do to reach kids, Brian!
Gretna $7,511.00
Eric Stevens $1,311.00
Ricky Roy $1,025.00
Seth Dokter $1,250.00
Sunny Hubka $0.00
Dan Holke $1,000.00
Cameron Bush $420.00
Brian Pruch $2,505.00

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