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6.23.17 | The most unique fundraising event is coming to Omaha! Courage is necessary as this experience will challenge you to take your support to new heights and rappel 230 feet down the Highline Apartment Building in Downtown Omaha! Register below!

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Hi Family and Friends! 

I am taking fundraising to new heights (230 ft to be exact!) so our partner Omaha Youth for Christ students can reach the height of their potential! I first became aware of this inspiring organization through my employer Supportworks and instantly was drawn to the work they are doing all over Omaha. I sincerely appreciate your support for this amazing non-profit and my goal. You can donate now by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds! If you would like to support by check, please add my name and Over the Edge to the memo line of your check and mail to:

Greater Omaha Youth for Christ
5062 S 108th St, Box 160
Omaha, NE 68137

Thank you for joining me and my journey over the edge!


The most unique fundraising event is coming to Omaha! Courage is necessary as this experience will challenge you to take your support to new heights. This urban adventure fundraising event gives you a chance to rappel 230 feet down the Highline Apartment Building (22nd & Dodge) in downtown Omaha.


Youth for Christ works with local students to build relationships through weekly clubs, creative programs and caring adults; to help them make good choices and positively impact their schools. Currently in 40 schools, YFC works with 2,000 students each week. Your donation will go directly to helping kids - funding programs and growing into new schools.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to help the youth of Omaha!

Registrants must raise a minimum of $1,000 to rappel.


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Adeline Merrill
Emily, Good for you but don't look down when you start out at the top of the building! Lyn Merrill
Philip & Christine Lodewick
Keep on doing great work!
Melissa Brazill
Hey Emily, Good Luck. Make sure someone gets some pictures!
Dani Kavanaugh
Good luck on Friday Emily!!!
Go Emily!!!!!!
Linda Jacobson
Good luck and have fun!
Taylor Hay
Awesome Emily! Good Luck!!
Teresa W.
You hit your goal and are shooting past it -- WTG Emily! Will be there cheering you on!
Celia Cuk
Good luck!
Anonymous $50.00
From your friends at Tubular USA, Nuts & Bolts, and TSA Manufacturing. $100.00
Barb & Dan
Em, So proud of you for getting involved - enjoy the experience and thanks for helping others to hear the word of God ❤️
Linda M Raftery
What a great event, Emily! As we both know, it's a lot easier to go through life with Christ by our side. We're never alone and the journey is a lot less bumpy. Proud of you, Emily!
Lindsey Henderson
Sorry this is so late... I kept forgetting! Whatever you do don't break a leg! ha!!!
Proud of you for doing this...I would be terrified.
Merrell Family
You can do it! xoxox
Barbara Peterson
Good luck, Emily! Jim and I will be thinking about you on the 23rd. We're happy to support you and Youth For Christ.
David Thrasher $100.00
Can’t wait to see you go over the edge!
Joanne Pirrone $50.00
Don & Diane $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Sue L.
Sounds like an awesome challenge! Lots of luck Emily ...
You go girl- proud of you!
Thrasher / Supportworks $83,235.21
Ashley Dickinson $1,600.00
Anthony Salcedo $1,776.00
Shane McClintic $1,285.00
Kyle Olson $2,050.00
Emily Knoche $2,825.00
Kari Yost $2,019.01
Alex Petersen $2,018.00
Angela Foxcroft $2,035.00
Grant Ray $2,000.00
Kristen Kilker $2,200.01
Dan Thrasher $2,000.00
Jesse White $2,000.00
Tony Kulhanek $2,010.00
Tony Maeser $2,000.00
Jon Revis $1,650.00
CJ Fritz $2,000.00
Nick Rohe $2,000.00
Warren Peters $1,480.00
Kayle Pellor $2,500.00
Matthew Temme $2,145.24
Anna Hunter $541.00
Kai Kastrup $1,055.00
Joshua Anstey $2,000.00
Amanda Harrington $2,000.00
David Thrasher $2,200.00
Jimmy Matteo $2,025.00
Kenny Penland $2,100.00
Shannon Wall $2,019.67
Kali Robertson $2,200.00
Casey Goodman $2,000.00
Ken Gray $1,000.00
Dan Luna $2,000.00
Beth Croft $2,840.00
Ryan Didier $2,005.00
Levi Warren $1,225.00
Jeff Peters $2,061.66
Matt Grabowski $2,662.62
Brian Huddleston $2,000.00
Aaron Ruskamp $2,097.00
Cory Eastin $1,000.00
Jon Erbst $2,000.00
Mark Goetz $540.00
Carlos Silen $1,000.00
Pat Bendlin $1,070.00

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