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6.23.17 | The most unique fundraising event is coming to Omaha and I'm going to do it! A little courage will be necessary because I plan to rappel 230 feet down the Highline Apartment Building in Downtown Omaha to support Omaha Youth for Christ.

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Hi Friends and Family, 

I am participating in the "Over the Edge" rappelling fundraiser to help raise money for Omaha Youth for Christ which does such wonderful things in our community. I could really use your support in this effort. My generous employer, Supportworks, has pledged to match the funds I raise up to $1,000. My goal is to exceed that amount in order to secure all those matching dollars. It is a lofty goal but with your help I know I can get there.

You can make your tax deductible donation to support me in several ways depending on your preferences. First, you can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.  You can give with any major credit card and it only takes a moment. Second, if you'd prefer, you can make your donation at my PayPal account by using the link PayPal.Me/KOlson61. Third, if you plan to see me in person before the event, I'd gladly accept a cash donation. Finally, if you would like to support by check, please add my name (Kyle Olson) and "Over the Edge" to the memo line of your check and mail to:

Greater Omaha Youth for Christ
5062 S 108th St, Box 160
Omaha, NE 68137

I do appreciate your help so much! I'd also like to speak with you as well just so you know that this is really me! Feel free to call me or send me a message on Facebook Messenger if you don't have my direct contact information.

Thank you for joining me in this effort as I go Over the EDGE!

Way to go, Kyle -- you can do this!! Wish we were in Omaha to watch this great feat! HAVE FUN!!
Kurtis K
Now you're over the edge!
Prime for the pump
From your friends at Tubular USA, Nuts & Bolts, and TSA Manufacturing. $100.00
Jack Olson $30.00
Ashlyn Olson $13.00
Richard Rougier Revocable Living Trust $100.00
David Thrasher $100.00
Good Luck Kyle! You're going to love it and you're doing it for a great cause.
Kristin and Tom Walters
Hope to see some video of this feat! Good luck reaching your goal!
Can’t wait to see you go over the edge!
Lindsey $10.00
Ray Brown
Good Luck. If you need a push to get Over the Edge, I'm your man!!!!
Jeff & Lisa Kortan
This is awesome! Proud of you and Thrasher/Supportworks for supporting this event and organization. Way to represent!!
Len & Linda Olson
Good luck in your "quest" Certainly a very good cause.
Teresa W.
Will be there cheering you on Kyle!
Thrasher / Supportworks $83,235.21
Ashley Dickinson $1,600.00
Anthony Salcedo $1,776.00
Shane McClintic $1,285.00
Kyle Olson $2,050.00
Emily Knoche $2,825.00
Kari Yost $2,019.01
Alex Petersen $2,018.00
Angela Foxcroft $2,035.00
Grant Ray $2,000.00
Kristen Kilker $2,200.01
Dan Thrasher $2,000.00
Jesse White $2,000.00
Tony Kulhanek $2,010.00
Tony Maeser $2,000.00
Jon Revis $1,650.00
CJ Fritz $2,000.00
Nick Rohe $2,000.00
Warren Peters $1,480.00
Kayle Pellor $2,500.00
Matthew Temme $2,145.24
Anna Hunter $541.00
Kai Kastrup $1,055.00
Joshua Anstey $2,000.00
Amanda Harrington $2,000.00
David Thrasher $2,200.00
Jimmy Matteo $2,025.00
Kenny Penland $2,100.00
Shannon Wall $2,019.67
Kali Robertson $2,200.00
Casey Goodman $2,000.00
Ken Gray $1,000.00
Dan Luna $2,000.00
Beth Croft $2,840.00
Ryan Didier $2,005.00
Levi Warren $1,225.00
Jeff Peters $2,061.66
Matt Grabowski $2,662.62
Brian Huddleston $2,000.00
Aaron Ruskamp $2,097.00
Cory Eastin $1,000.00
Jon Erbst $2,000.00
Mark Goetz $540.00
Carlos Silen $1,000.00
Pat Bendlin $1,070.00

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