Ted Plugge - Omaha Over the Edge

The most unique fundraising event is coming to Omaha! Courage is necessary as this experience will challenge you to take your support.

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Greater Omaha Youth for Christ works with local students to build relationships through weekly clubs, creative programs and caring adults; to help them make good choices and positively impact their schools. Currently in 40 schools, YFC works with 2,000 students each week. Your donation will go directly to helping kids - funding programs and growing into new schools.

Chris & Stacy Healey
Hang on tight, Good luck!
Sue and Mike Little
Fly brother, fly!!
Larry & Ramona Swett $100.00
Bodwell Construction $50.00
John & Marcia Hayden $25.00
Amy Redfield $20.00
Nick Jasa $250.00
Steve and Ana Myers
Happy to support YFC !
Kevin Svec
Good luck Ted & Nate!
Make sure the harness it tight, before you go over the wall. =)
Lane & Debbie
Good luck little brother!
Rupp Chiropractic
Make sure they double check the rope! Ha good luck brother!
Matt Jackson
White Family $50.00
Fat Cobra
I hope you have a blast going over the edge!! Have fun brother!!!!
Andy Webb
Good Luck!
Randy Bendorf
"Break- A-Leg"
John Knicely
You better do this withPlugge flair!
I'm sweating just thinking about this.
Jill & Jamie Bodwell
Good luck Ted & Nate!!
Christopher Wolfe
Don't fall! Have fun!
Al Rotella
Ted, Hang loose!
Team YFC Admin $7,665.00
Derek Eisan $3,040.00
Ted Plugge $2,315.00
Jason Currie $2,255.00
Therese Julin $55.00

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