There is no question that I love to travel and explore the world, but this time, I'm going for the people of Vietnam, not me.  I'm stoked to be apart of what God is doing through the Prisoners of Hope.  My last missions trip was back in 2002 - it's time to go!  Over the past two years, God has taken me deeper and further than I've ever been.  Where God guides, He always provides, and I know God is guiding me to the Vietnam. 

Prisoners of Hope is leading a Medical Mission to Hanoi and Saigon Vietnam February 7th-22nd, 2017. We offer free medical and optometry care to prisoners, orphans, prostitutes, and people living in extreme poverty. We are looking for medical professionals and general volunteers to shine the light of Jesus Christ and bring Pervasive Hope to this communist country.

Laura McElroy
Keep serving with your whole heart!
Dustin and Carlin
Dude go do good things
Emanuel Rendon
God bless
Anonymous $50.00
Michael Kester $20.00
Ruth Campbell $25.00
Em $20.00
God Bless!
Kristen Keltner
Deinno, Your dedication to helping others is inspiring! Kristen
Pamela Arvelo
Thank you for letting me participate of this. Through you, I am able to see how God changes lives, even if I'm not there. Thank you for your commitment with God and for being His hands and feet. God bless you my brother!
We're gonna send our October tithe to support your trip (don't tell Flood)
LTC Jeff Moore
SFC O'Keefe --- make sure you submit your oversea travel request....:-)
Eve $40.00
Be safe brother. Nice to see good people doing good things
Josh Kester
Hey Deinno, count me in!
Danielle $40.00
All for the Glory of God #ToLiveIsChrist #BeExpectant #MagnifyGod
Hannah Lindsay
Love you and thanking God for the work He is doing in you.
Gary Rouzier $25.00
Ben Schuit
Hope you are doing well man!
Gloria Medrano (heartofthecitysd)
Isaiah 41:10
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $20.00
Reichert Family
Best of luck!

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