TEAM PUZZLE PACERS! 12th Annual Jigsaw Run & Fundraiser for Autism Awareness!

The EJ Autism Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity. Its mission is to create Autism Awareness and to support programs and schools on Long Island that currently work with children on the spectrum. Learn More
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Thank you for visiting the Puzzle Pacer's fundraising page!

We are a group of family, friends, special education teachers, and co-workers dedicated to solving the Autism mystery.

Many of us have been affected by autism, be it our children, our students, friends, or family members. We all know someone affected by this mystery.

Please consider joining us on this special day as we celebrate life's victories (big and small) for these children. If you cannot join us, please consider making a donation. All donations stay here on Long Island to benefit our children!

We thank you for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too.


The Puzzle Pacers

The Kriegers $25.00
karen scaramucci $10.00
Helena Weber $25.00
Have fun Sunday!!!
Mary bertuccio
I've worked with kids with autism for 22 years. Happy to donate. I'm Danielle's aunt. Good luck
Danielle Bertuccio
In support of a great cause!
Nancy Acker $100.00
The Capolongo Family
Good luck!
Michele Teelucksingh
Go Team Puzzle Pacers!
Jennifer Herbst $20.00
The Petersons
Good luck everyone!!
Lorraine Williams
Mary Doherty $50.00
Michelle Olivotti $50.00
Denise Zappia
Good luck!
Michael Starita $10.00
Debbie Wickenhauser $50.00
Lynora Giordano
Good Luck to all the Puzzle Pacers. Hope you reach your goal.
Swank Rosemary
Good luck!!! Roe
Karyn Jensen
Jonna Gwinn
Go Team Puzzle Pacers!
The Fichera Family
Fight the Mystery! Go Team Puzzle Pacers!!!
Elise $25.00
Jennifer Kovarik
There’s no better way to give! Let’s go Puzzle Pacers 2018!
Michelle Rocco
Mariusz Borkowski
Good Luck!
The Dannenfelser Family
Go Puzzle Pacers! Here's to another great year xoxo
Kristin Acker
Lets Go Pacers!!!
The Dominici Five
Fight the Mystery!

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