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I believe it is important to capture images of what is happening in the world, all over the world. To document the beauty, pain, joy, flourishing communities, communities in need, and all the ways people are, can, and need to connect. I am looking to explore the ways in which people come together. The very human search to find happiness, comfort, solidarity, and connections through celebration, faith, convergence, community, and cultural identity. My aim is to capture the people, events and places that fill each of these wants and needs as well as the human responses to them. These images are a record of what is happening, and can act as a teacher, allowing people to see and understand global life outside of their immediate awareness. I want my passion for photography to be tied to this responsibility of record keeping and sharing. I believe that I have a voice and a vision to share and aim to do so with respect and honesty through my lens.

 My desire is to be constantly expanding my creative boundaries, taking part in tangible experiences, evoking emotional responses, and to always be learning. I have so much to learn! I am a beginner photographer, thus far self taught, and am still finding my footing within this field. I can't think of a more inspiring way to learn than immersing myself within a welcoming community. I hope to participate in the PWB school in India, becoming involved with the Sambhali Trust, "an organization dedicated to promoting unity, independent and self-esteem among Indian women, diminishing notions of class and caste, and eradicating violence against women."

I want to learn and to give back. I will donate an 8x10 print of any image from my website for every $100.00 donation as well as a 3x5 thank you print from my trip to India if I reach my goal. Thank you so much for your interest and any donation you want to give! Erin

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