This Isn't About Me, It's About Grace!

August 12th Fit for the Cause Quadrathalon

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Amazing Grace.... how often have we heard this beautiful, unique, and extraordinary phrase?

It immediately warms the heart. We "feel" something with these simple words.
There is an extraordinary young girl, Grace, who has touched my heart, and all the hearts of Fit 4 The Cause.

I am delighted to introduce you to this gifted, giving, loving, and determined young girl…. our Amazing Grace.

Grace is the daughter of Amanda Welti, an extraordinary woman and mother, who is a gifted Zumba instructor.

Amanda has been volunteering with Fit 4 The Cause since its beginnings.She gives back week-after-week, one dance beat at a time.Her greatest driving force is her 13 year old daughter, Grace.

Grace has autism.

Amanda’s first Event with Fit 4 The Cause was in 2014. Every movement and breath she takes is about her amazing daughter, Grace.

Amanda celebrates this unconditional love with an open giving heart she shares with the community.

One of the things that makes Grace so special is that she is ALWAYS happy and ready to partake in daily activities. She yearns to meet new people constantly; enjoying gatherings where people are having fun, especially, when music and dance are involved.

One of her greatest gifts is her ability to play any song or melody she hears on almost any musical instrument by ear.But, for Grace, with her love of the piano, it is always her first “go to” choice.

Grace received her gift of music from her mother. Grace’s love of music and rhythmic melodies inspires her to create and compose her own songs on the piano.

As you can see, our Amazing Grace…is just that!

Please help me honor and celebrate this beautiful, exceptional, creative, and inspiring young girl by supporting Fit4theCause's, "Fun-Raising" Event, August 12th at The Bay Club in Thousand Oaks.

Let's show Grace and Amanda how we appreciate all they give back……by giving to them.

On August 12th…. we will run, spin, flex our muscles, and swim like graceful dolphins — all for Grace — and the other 500 beneficiaries Fit 4 The Cause provides services for within our community.

We need YOU! We can’t do it without your support, helping hand, and sharing heart.

Please donate…. knowing, you will make a difference, in the lives of many.

Thank you for your generous gift of well-being and healthfulness.

Thank you for your continued and new support.

Be Happy. Be Fit. Be Giving.

With all my heart,


Fit 4 The Cause provides licensed fitness professionals and nutritionists for low income communities who cannot afford these important wellness education services. The organization now provides physical fitness programs for 250 fourth and fifth graders with the Ocean View School District in Oxnard. Additionally, Fit 4 The Cause provides nutrition and fitness workshops for Many Mansions residents in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley. Your Quadrathalon registration fee along with any additional crowd funding directly supports these growing programs.

EVENT CO-CHAIRS: Tuesday Tribe Founders Lauren Smith & Stephanie Pernice Marlin

you always amaze me!
Anonymous $50.00
Emma Stone
Go Hallie!!
Anonymous $1,000.00
Go Grace!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Inspiring how you continue to pour love into this world and make it a better place.
Anonymous $40.00
Jane Coccia - Conejo Photobooth
You Go, Gracie!! So proud of you, and we love Fit 4 the Cause!! Have a great event, you are doing great things!!
Terri Grayson $50.00
nancy Lockitch Loman
You go girls!!!!!
Matthew Elke
Keep up the good work. You should be proud!
Elton MacPherson
Great work you're doing Hallie!
Shelley Yukelson
You are amazing,. All our best to Grace. I'm sure with your excellent help she will do great things.
Ellen and Gary Michel
Cheers to Grace and Hallie!
Cheryl David Stern
Grace and Hallie - a winning team!!
Jason naiman $100.00
Linda Mills $25.00
Janet Sklar
Wishing you and Grace success in your endeavor!
Caroline Callender
Isn't Grace a peach?
Law Offices David Reinard, P.C. $100.00
iOVA Team
We admire your commitment to these causes. Keep up the great work and good luck to both you and Grace!
Cindy and Mike Hastings $50.00
Sherry Kennedy
This sounds like such a wonderful event, not to mention I just adore Grace & Amanda! :)
Lenore and Michael P. King
Not only is Grace amazing, so are you!
This is great Hallie. Thank you!
Lynn Chase $20.00
Thank you for all that you do for Grace, she is the daughter of my sister from another mother. All the best!
Kathy Greco, 4Kids1st $25.00
Anonymous $23.81
Ryan $25.00
Lisa Neumann $50.00
Maria Ornelas
Go Grace!!
lori roessler
Thank u hallor for all you do for gracie. Gos bless you gracie. I'm cheering for you. Hugs and smiles Lori and Phil Roessler
Simina&Mihai Florea
Good luck Grace
Billy Bass
What awesome things you're doing Hallie! Good Luck Grace!!!
Telesis Physical Therapy
Great story - great cause, we are happy to donate! We'll be cheering you on! <3

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