Revolution Rock - CJAM FM 2017 Pledge Drive "Jammin' into the Digital Age"

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It’s that time of year once again for CJAM 99.1 FM’s annual pledge drive. I am helping to raise money for CJAM FM 2017 Pledge Drive "Jamming into the Digital Age". As we move forward into the future, updates with technology are important. CJAM was one of the first stations to offer an online stream of its programs in Canada. Since then, CJAM has a steady and devout listenership on 99.1 FM in the Windsor/Detroit area and online all over the world. Help CJAM FM move forward into the new digital age by showing your support for the station. Whether you listen to the station online or on your FM dial, the station needs community support to keep going. CJAM FM is a non-profit organization and your donation will also ensure that the station will continue to have a platform to broadcast its unique programming to both Windsor/Detroit and online communities.

Revolution Rock has been on CJAM since June 2004 and is still going strong today. With added variety and a wider scope, the program has reached a wider audience in part due to online listeners from all over and also due to the wide range of selections ranging from rare, hard to find, obscure recordings to current artists. The show focuses on garage, punk/new wave, surf, alternative and indie music genres. It is a show that deliberately focuses on bands that are for the most part alternative to the mainstream. If you do hear a more well known artist, it will be a deeper cut from their catalogue.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!

Dave Konstantino

Roy Mason
Looking forward to this year's Joe Strummer Day!
Dave Konstantino
Donating all at once for a bunch of people. Thanks everyone!
Mark David Emrick
I love CJAM FM!
Revolution Rock has been a huge influence for my own show and even gave my program a name - Everything's No Good! Thanks for bringing the BEST punk, rock, garage, and BIG SURF to the airwaves!!!
Brady Holek
I love Revolution Rock and Dave's killer track selections!
Jeff V $50.00

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