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This April, we will be participating in a 1700 mile race called The Rickshaw Run across all of North India. The purpose of this crazy adventure is to raise funds for charity, and we've chosen to support Harvest India and Cool Earth. We'll be driving an Auto Rickshaw (which is really a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower) for 10-12 days on this 3,500km pan-Indian adventure.

There is no set route, no back-up, and no way of knowing if we're going to make it. The only certainty is that we will get lost, we will break down and we will have quite the adventure!


This is where you come in! We are shooting to raise $50,000 for Harvest India & Cool Earth and the incredible work that they are doing. Here is what they're up to:

Harvest India is an Indian-based NGO [non-government organization] that seeks to serve the lowest of the low, often referred to as the 'Dalit' people of India, through meeting real tangible needs. They help the poorest of the poor by providing education, housing, food, and medical care for orphans, lepers, human trafficking victims, and the elderly. Your support will help them meet the needs of the many people that are unwanted and uncared for.

Cool Earth is working to put indigenous people back in control of the world’s most endangered rainforests. Cool Earth is now working alongside 113 rainforest villages throughout the world, and these partner villages are protecting over 500,000 acres of forest that lie directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers. With this support, Cool Earth can put in place the simple steps that change the fate of at-risk rainforest and the lives of our indigenous partners.


Cory & Carli Hill... are a fairly newly married couple (18 months) that love India, and they especially love the work that Harvest India is doing. Embedding themselves in places that there is need, and partnering with local organizations seeking to impact those communities, that is what makes them tick. They also love to travel and experience the richness and diversity of beautiful cultures all over this incredible planet.

Dave Driskell... is an international Crossfit Coach, traveler, vagabond, and "Inspirer". He travels the world seeking to improve the lives of those around him through his coaching and positive attitude. Via social media platforms he coaches, inspires and points people in the right direction with fitness/travel and loving a full life. He is a fan of simplification, minimalistic lifestyle and personalization. His massive beard tends to follow him around and he is somewhat now known as "that bearded, Crossfit, vagabond, travel guy".


To donate money to Cool Earth please click HERE or on their logo above.

To donate money to Harvest India use the "Donation Amount" box below.

Rewards for Donating to Harvest India:

*All donations to Harvest India are tax deductible and 100% of the money donated will go directly to Harvest India.

Lars Mittelstädt $30.00
ryan landry $50.00
Allison Phillips
I'm so glad you guys made it to the finish line! Sorry my donation is so late! Safe travels back to the states! xoxo
Sean W
Love what you guys are doing!
Jillian Danenhauer
We think it's so awesome what you guys are doing. It's wonderful to see The Lord working through you! Keep up the incredible work, we'll be praying for you!
Carlos H
Love you guys, be safe !!
Go Carli, Cory and Dave! God bless you as you have blessed other!
CrossFit Mode $25.00
The Kavehs $50.00
Shelly Young
Josh and I think this is so cool! God bless you guys and have a blast! Love seeing your pics.
carmen martin
we love you!!!!!
Happy birthday Carli!
Bobbie and Eric Fleming
Cory and Carli, You guys are amazing. How blessed Harvest India has been to have you two there for such an extended time!
Terry Sanders
Dear Ones, This looks like quite the wild adventure… Know you three are up for it!!! Our thoughts and prayers travel with you! Love, Terry and Brooke
Love you Cory, safe travels! So proud of you bud.
Anonymous $50.00
Brother Cael
Hope you guys have an awesome time!! Stay safe brother and sister!!
John de la Haye @ Life.0
Dave you inspire us all!!! See you back in the states.
Ryan Senters
Love what you are doing!!!
Ashlea-Ann M Thornton
Have fun and be safe!!! Some of my favorite memories from India were in a rickshaw. Also, I am on a mission to collect all the T shirts you design through charity! #I❤Rickshaws. Hope you both are well!
You guys are awesome, so proud to help support you
Jessica & Timothy Bayer
This is awesome! Will be praying for the journey and the ministry :)
Drs. Michael & Lisa Schlabra
God is Great!
The Westerlund Family $50.00
AdventureFit Travel $114.00
Sheedy Family
Good luck to you and your team with the rickshaw run.
Brittani Ehrhorn $20.00
Lauren Goodner $50.00
Debbie Castleton $10.00
Heston/Michelle Driskell
We'll be praying for you and your safety on the Rickshaw Run.
God bless!
Nicola Borland $10.00
Good luck you guys! Drive safe in that rickshaw :) I have a new appreciation rickshaws now that I've been to India. Hope you all are well!
Drs. Michael & Lisa Schlabra
Glory to God! Our prayers are for your safe adventure & Harvest India!
Bekah Indermuehle
Have fun on this adventure! Remember to use your horn a lot!
Dennie Zantos $50.00
emily and jeremy hecker
Praying for you guys! Love Harvest India!
Ruth Choi
Godspeed! What an adventure! From a fellow RHO family member.
Georgina Andrews
Good Luck!
We stand with you!
Bart & Betty Smith
Spread the good news that Jesus saves....God Bless your trip!
Way to go you guys.
Pete and Patti Shambrook
We love the Hill's. You guys rock! And just think...when you stop for some sweet Lasse Dave can get you doing some Crossfit to keep you in shape. ha
Jacob and Laura Roebuck
We are cheering for you all. Thank you for your amazing work at Harvest India!!
Riana Battista
Have fun!! xx
Kelley White
kick ass you guys! what an incredible thing you're doing! be safe and have fun!
Brent Kerr
good luck
Sounds like quite an adventure. Thank you for all you do for India, the children, and those that are so easily overlooked!!!
Good luck to all of you but special shout out to Dave. You're an inspiration to me, man
i crush you at SKIP BO!!!
go, go, go!!!!!!!!!
The Richards' Family
We love you guys!
JD Root $50.00
Heather & Craig Motichko
Cory & Carli! We are so excited for you and praying for you daily. God has used you and continues to use you in mighty ways. Thank you for being willing and "adventurous" servants. We love you guys.
John and Kacie Clanton
So excited for you guys! Stay safe!
I stinkon love U two
Rachel $10.00
misslindahong $25.00
David Trotter
Brian & Promise Wurzell
Cheering you guys on. Love you much and can't wait to hear about the outcome of this adventure. Thanks for loving India with all of your hearts!
Katie Deverian
This is awesome. Good luck you guys!
So happy to be able to support you in this, God bless!
We heard about this through Rachel. We are praying for you!
nikki flook
good luck guys!!!
Marco Genovese
Make it count guys and keep up the good work!
Laury Calderon
People like you guys are the reason this world is still worth living in!!!! Keep up the great work
dude__abides $5.00
Andrea Bravo
Dave Driskell a little help from your friends from Crossfit SDQ!! Hope you get to raise much much more! Safe travels!!
Steve Zevlikaris $5.00
Kelsey Engelman
keep up the good work
Anonymous $20.00
Anonymous $25.00
@ryry505 instagram
learned via dave's instagram. have fun guys!
Best of the best with this!
Sophy Grigoriou
Praying for you all and for the 1700 mile journey!!!
Don't forget to honk that horn!!
Great work!
Josiah and Katie
We love you!
We are so excited for you guys! We will be praying for your journey and safety!!
Dave and Kim Lawrence
Garrett & Brittany
found out about this through Dave. super stoked for you guys! great cause, wish I could go with you :)
Yoli E.
Cant be a Dave Driskell fan and not support the awesome stuff he does! Keep being epic guys be safe!
Mohammed Ali Bostan
Wish you best of luck spread peace and love good action take you far may Allah (God) us all the ability to help each other Ameen
Breanne Pelto
Dennis & Sherri Standridge
Please bring me a rock from this crazy Trip.
Isabel and Juliet Nguyen $250.00
Misha French
Would support Dave Driskell for anything but WOW what an amazing thing you are doing - thank you!!
John & Wendy Maurer
Go Cory!!
Mary Deane
How exciting! God Bless you all!
Wesley & Kaitlyn Mayfield
Keep up the awesomness, you two. We need more adventureres like you in the world!
This is amazing, friends! Safe travels and many blessings.
Rick and Courtney Sims
What an adventure! Hope you guys enjoy every minute of it.
Cheering and praying for you guys! It's going to be great!

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