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Hi Friends and Family,

It is a proud moment when your 10 year old son tells you he wants to raise money for children's cancer. Aidan has a remarkable heart and wants to help fight childhood cancer and help those families already affected.

It's time to shine a light on childhood cancer; a diagnosis no parent ever expects and after which, no family is ever the same.  There is a huge disparity between the funding for adult cancer versus children's cancer.  It is estimated that the Nation Cancer Institute spends 96% of its budget on adult cancer and only the remaining 4% on children's.    

Aidan is partnering with Grand Canyon University Foundation to run a 10K and raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital and Children's Cancer Network as part of Run to Fight Children's Cancer 2017. He would love to have your support in reaching and exceeding his goal.  

You can donate right now by hitting the “Give Now” button and using any major credit card - it's easy and only takes 30 seconds. He told me the other day, it doesn't matter how small the donation, at least it's going to cancer.  He appreciates it very much, as do the cancer-fighting superheroes who face this terrible disease with courage and bravery.

Thank you for joining him in the fight!

Tammy Douglass
Good luck, Aidan!
Sandra Ludwig $100.00
Grammy and Grandpa
We are very proud of Aidan, especially that he is such a caring youth!
I think this is incredibly courageous and something I would want to teach my daughter to be proactive in. Here's a little to help Aidan's cause.
Eric Gelvin
You have an amazing kid! Makes a parent proud.
Uncle Doug and AJ
Collett Clan Rocks!
Collett Clan $175.00

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