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What better way to spend a Fall Saturday morning than in Central Park helping to save elephants!! Learn More
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As some of you may know, running has become a true love of mine over the past few years. (including the 2 years spent waiting for my chance to participate in the NYC Marathon). It is time I spend clearing my head & thinking about the important things in life (like saving the Elephants). While running can be a solitary exercise, it also creates a relatable bond amongst so many. You do not need to run at the same pace, nor next to one another, or even in the same zip code to feel like you are all working towards common goals, together on the same team.

Speaking of teams, inspired by my colleague & her family's continued efforts year after year to help raise valuable funds for our planet’s gentle giants, as part of my NYC Marathon story, I am asking you all to consider helping me, help the elephants. 

You can either opt to spend your Saturday (11/13) morning (with me - 1 week after the marathon) running or walking in the beautiful Central Park OR contribute anything you feel like you can via this site. 

For more details about The Saving the Elephants 10k Run/Walk please review:

Register HERE!

The Saving the Elephants 10k Run/Walk is a chance for you to run, jog or walk your way around beautiful Central Park or virtually in your own neighborhood, with the opportunity to help raise valuable funds for our planet’s gentle giants.

Elephants across Africa are in danger. African savanna elephants, which grace the Zambezi Valley with their magnificence, have been reclassified from “vulnerable” to “endangered” in the IUCN's latest assessment. According to the report, the population of the African savanna elephant across the continent has decreased by at least 60% over the past 50 years.

Join us in raising funds to help save these guys & keep them moving about on this planet!

Julie Ho
Sarah Robertson $50.00
D and J and boomer $100.00
Murph $100.00
Kim Leong
Gooooo Jen!!!!!!!!! Run!!!! For the elephants!!!
Karen S
Love the charity - and you are not so bad yourself!!! Good luck…Kx
Thanks for helping the elephants!
Erin Rodrigues
You can do it!
Courtney Ridenhour
Anonymous $20.00

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