Zambezi Elephant Fund Zimbabwe

Giovana from Adams & Butler will be taking part in the Virtual Elephant Run for Zambezi Elephant Fund Zimbabwe Learn More
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Adams & Butler is proud to support the Zambezi Elephant Fund in Zimbabwe and Giovana from the office will be taking part in the Virtual Saving The Elephants Run.

Following a year that’s been tougher than most for all of us, the Zambezi Elephant Fund’s (ZEF) needs and ambitions are now as big as ever… we need to raise $300,000 this year to help ZEF maintain their current levels of impact.

Elephants across Africa are in danger. African savanna elephants, which grace the Zambezi Valley with their magnificence, have been reclassified from “vulnerable” to “endangered” in the IUCN's latest assessment. According to the report, the population of the African savanna elephant across the continent has decreased by at least 60% over the past 50 years.

Help protect these majestic elephants by running/walking with us in Central Park, NYC or running/walking in your own neighborhood and virtually upload times and photos!

Go Gio!!!
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